Along the Lycian Way

The region's ruddy mountains and vast deserts are just begging to be trekked.

Go for gorgeous landscapes, rewarding cultural encounters, and few crowds.

Explore Turkey, Safely
Some 500 miles from Istanbul, Turkey’s ancient Lycian Way stretches along the country's southern coast. Traverse it with Equinox Travel to discover two-millennia-old ruins, thickly forested mountains, and the perpetually burning fires of Mount Chimaera, where natural methane seeps from the earth and bursts into flames. From $2,500.

Explore Jordan's Desert
Lawrence of Arabia described Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert as “vast, echoing, and god-like.” Roam this expanse of burnt-orange sand and jagged mountains by jeep, by camel, or on foot, stopping to sip tea with Bedouins in their woven goat-hair tents. A variety of local outfitters can arrange a day or overnight trip from Petra.

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