Inspired by the belief that travel is a spectacular form of education, Learning AFAR is an award-winning program from AFAR and No Barriers that makes exploration accessible to low-income students, many of whom have never left their hometown. 

In collaboration with AFAR and No Barriers, World of Hyatt will make it possible for 10 high school students and 2 educators from a Chicago-area school to go on an immersive 10-day trip to Costa Rica in summer 2017.  To prepare, the students will study the history, geography and culture of the destination, while also taking part in local volunteer work. While in Costa Rica, the students will participate in service projects, build leadership skills, learn about a different culture, and connect with local residents. Following the trip, they’ll turn their experiences and insights into meaningful action via a project that will aim to inspire their local community to have a positive impact on the world. To learn more about Learning AFAR, visit 

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