No, it’s not for the inside scoop on the tech world’s latest.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has joined Instagram, and it’s looking like his page, @thisisbillgates, will be one travelers should keep on their radar.

Unlike other business leaders, who focus their social media accounts exclusively on their companies, Gates says in his Instagram bio that his page will be for “sharing things I’m learning through my foundation work and other interests.” Since his foundation does work all over the world, that hints at snaps from faraway places where he and his wife, Melinda, are using their billions to do good.

Case in point: His first post, which went live late last week, features the stunning countryside of Tanzania and helped him gain 240,000 followers virtually overnight.

The three-picture slideshow tells the story of Gates’s visit to the Kicheba Primary School in Muheza, where he met with Upendo Mwingira, a doctor who specializes in fighting neglected tropical diseases. “Whenever I travel to places like this, I wish others could come along and meet the people I get to meet,” he wrote alongside the post, which garnered more than 90,000 likes in four days. “I have no doubt it would leave them as optimistic as I am about progress happening around the world.”

The technology pioneer’s second post, which went live Tuesday morning, was a much more candid shot that sent birthday wishes to Melinda, who is already an active Instagram user with more than 170,000 followers.

Gates’s debut on Instagram followed that of another high-profile rich guy: Jeff Bezos. The Amazon CEO joined on July 20, and since then he has opted to focus his posts on his various businesses.

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With all due respect to Bezos, we’re a bit more excited about Gates’s feed, which already feels like it will inspire some serious wanderlust. Now, if only we could get him to follow AFAR.

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