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The city’s modern and contemporary art organization has an expanded program, and it’s outstanding.

It’s been said that some of the best things in life come in threes. For evidence of this, look no further than the annual Santa Fe Art Trifecta (July 7–17) , a 10-day festival-slash-alliance among three massive arts organizations (and festivals in their own right):  International Folk Art Market, SITE Santa Fe, and Art Santa Fe

The city of Santa Fe is well known for its art scene and embrace of all things creative. Long before it was added to UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network in 2005, markets and art fairs were at the heart of New Mexico’s capital. A percentage of all Santa Fe hotel taxes go to supporting local arts organizations and communities.

The event that showcases this unbridled creative spirit best is  Art Santa Fe (July 7–10). As one of the newest additions to Redwood Media Group (the folks behind a number of fine-art exhibitions, including Spectrum Miami and Artexpo New York), the organization is taking on a new, expanded program that includes everything from art demos to site-specific solo exhibits, panel discussions with artists, curators, designers, and industry professionals, and a special spotlight on one emerging artist.

Ready to hit the road and head to Santa Fe? Take a scroll through the slideshow for a sneak peak of 17 of this year’s featured artists and galleries.

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17 Artists & Galleries to See at Art Santa Fe
Click through the slideshow to see the work of 17 of the artists and galleries represented at Art Santa Fe 2016.

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    1. Katie O’Sullivan
    Katie O’Sullivan paints to tell a story—both her own and whatever story the viewer brings to her pieces upon viewing. She is passionate about giving back to her community, so proceeds from the sales of her paintings go to one of her favorite charities. Her work was recently featured at the Collide(A)Scope Show at Cinq Gallery.

    “Dreams, Desires, and Destinies”
    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    2. Shelly Forbes
    The art of Shelly Forbes is inspired by the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Forbes uses concrete texturing, fluid acrylics, and epoxy resins to create pieces that almost need to be touched to be believed. Her work was most recently on display at Xanadu Gallery. 

    “Element of Dreams” 
    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    3. Catenary Art Gallery
    The Catenary Art Gallery, located in the heart of Santa Fe, is a space for both local and international artists to showcase their work. The gallery displays pieces ranging from photography and ceramics to surrealist paintings and traditional landscapes. 

    “Crosshatching 2” by Rumi Vesselinova
    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    4. Andrea Broyles
    Andrea Broyles works in both painting and sculpting, sometimes combining the two. She works to engage the viewer with her art and bring a sense of authenticity and reality to untouchable concepts. 

    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    5. Gallery K.A.G.
    Gallery K.A.G. is an online and pop-up partnership between physical galleries Shinn Art and Studio 84 West. Together, they represent artists from around the country and display a varied portfolio of work. 

    “River Stones” by Tim Mcfadden
    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    6. Susan Weinreich
    Susan Weinreich uses multiple forms of media, including oils, charcoals, and pastels. She has been an established artist for over 40 years, with her work appearing in many galleries and private collections. 

    “Life and Death” 
    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    7. Bette Yozell
    Bette Yozell specializes in watercolors and gauche, but has experience in a variety of other media. Her watercolor paintings range from natural to spiritual, with a particular focus on flora and nudes. 

    “Workers Included”
    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    8. Contemporary Art Projects USA
    Contemporary Art Projects USA has its headquarters in Miami, but inspires and supports artists internationally, both in promotion and exhibition. 

    “Brainstorm” by Henrik Welle
    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    9. Eric Shupe
    Eric Shupe has been creating art since childhood, first working with a knife and scrap wood before he—and his art—evolved. Nowadays, the silver sculptures he creates preserve moments of present-day humanity for future generations. 

    “The Offering”
    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    10. island6
    The island6 art collective (Liu Dao 六岛), based in Shanghai, prioritizes collaboration above all else. Island6’s focus on collaboration and innovation has led to the collective’s appearance in art shows and galleries around the world. Currently, the collective has works displayed in several art fairs.

    “And So We Made A Mess” by Liu Dao
    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    11. Marina Viatkina
    Marina Viatkina works in oils and acrylics to abstractly convey moments of beauty in the world around her, whether they come from music, literature, or nature. 

    “Black Swan”
    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    12. Arte MLFS
    From childhood, Maria De La Luz Fraschini Silvarredonda has shown a passion for art that has carried her through a series of locations and media. She has worked with watercolors, acrylics, and photography. 

    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    13. Elizabeth Frank
    Elizabeth Frank sculpts with wood she collects herself, using it to create pieces inspired by her love of the natural world. Her sculptures, melding human figures with elements from nature, have been displayed around the world. 

    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    14. J. Keith Zudell
    J. Keith Zudell paints with the hope of conveying his own vision of the world to the viewer—not necessarily a photorealistic portrayal of what he sees, but work that brings to life the moment in which he painted it. 

    “Cactus Sunset” 
    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    15. Shutter and Brush Fine Art
    Shutter and Brush Fine Art is the husband and wife team of Dave and Teena Robinson. Dave’s focus is photography, while Teena mixes pigments with hot wax and watercolors in her paintings. They work separately and support each other in their artistic endeavors. 

    “Irises in Motion” by Teena Robinson
    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    16. Charlotte Jackson Fine Art
    Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, located in the Railyard Arts District of Santa Fe, offers an impressive selection of color-oriented paintings and sculptures along with its collection of other works. 

    “Mindspace #57” by William Metcalf

    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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    17. Mina Mokhtarzadeh
    Mina Mokhtarzadeh uses a wide variety of media, including acrylic paint and mixed media, oils, and watercolors, in her paintings. With over 25 years of experience teaching visual arts, she has educated other artists as well. 

    Courtesy of Redwood Media Group
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