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Where We’d Go If We Could Drop Everything Like Don Draper

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North Island Seychelles to sleep, sun and be spoiled.” —Ellen Asmodeo-Giglio, publisher

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. It’s the most beautiful place in the world. I hiked there for a few days years ago. I’d like to go back and this time spot a puma.” —Jeremy Saum, executive editor

“I would go to India or Brazil for a yoga retreat. I’ve been to both places before and had amazing experiences that I would love to re-experience.  The retreats gave me an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate, and meet incredible people.” —Katherine Kneier, sales director

“I’d embark on a perspective-recalibrating tour of U.S. National Parks in a teardrop trailer with my wife, Cheri.” —Nick Rowlands, guides editor

Tanzania. It’s a life goal of mine to trek Kilimanjaro, go on a safari, and relax in Zanzibar after.” —Michaela Trimble, sales manager

Ecuador.  The Andes are calling my name.” —Bryan Kinkade, associate publisher


Sumba Island. I would stay at Nihiwatu. Remote, but luxurious and still unspoiled…a place for surfing, hiking to waterfalls in the jungle, horseback riding and access to a beautiful ancient tribal culture. I don’t know if I would ever return!” —Onnalee MacDonald, west coast sales director

Iran, which has a fascinating and long history. A very unique set of events have taken place there over the past 35 years, and it’s been largely closed to Americans. It’s got a sharp divergence in cultures, and on the verge of major change.” —Greg Sullivan, cofounder and CEO

Sydney. It’s far away from the noise and has everything I’d need for an idyllic new life—beautiful beaches, a friendly population, good wine and food, a fantastic nightlife, and access to unreal outdoor escapes.” —Andrew Richdale, senior editor

“I would go island-hopping in the Philippines and dive with whale sharks, which are some of the largest fishes in the sea.” —Denise Hoo, digital ad operations manager

Antarctica, to disappear from it all.” —Lou LaGrange, business development director, content licensing

“Western China. I think seeing rural China would be really interesting. Plus, I would love to make it to Tibet.” —Derek Butcher, chief technology officer

“I might be a little late (last month would’ve been better!), but I’d head straight to Japan to try to catch the tail end of cherry blossom season.” —Mary Garvin, sales director, AFAR collection

Where would you go? Let us know in the comments!

Photos by Michael Yarish/courtesy AMC

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