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Where to Travel This Fall, According to Your Astrological Sign

By Ryan Evans


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When and how to travel through the end of this year, according to our astrologer Ryan Evans

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Astrology is wrong. Or rather, the term is a misnomer. Astrology actually has very little to do with the stars—it is more about the seasons. It’s about the rhythms of the sun and moon, lunar phases and eclipses, and solstices and equinoxes—these are the base of astrology. It’s the about season of Aries or Libra, not the constellations that  look like a ram or a woman holding scales.

Still, the stars and planets all have something to say. In travel, we look to Jupiter to describe our grand adventure. Being the largest planet, Jupiter represents what is big and expansive in our life. When we travel to win big, see the long and wide vista, gather deep and meaningful experiences, or even retreat for a good long while, Jupiter and its movements are where we look for clues to assist us with that intention. And then there is Mercury. Being the fastest planet, Mercury represents movement, action, and variety. Imagine six lanes of traffic—and you’ve gotta get over fast! Imagine a business trip with five stops in three cities in two days. Mercury gathers information like a sponge, connects clients like a broker, and does not sit still. We look to Mercury for business trips, education, connections, commerce, and communication.

For autumn 2016, we’re in luck! I could make this really easy and simply say yes to all travel over the next three months. There’s our lucky patron, Jupiter, only two degrees away from the Libra sun. The sun is the essence and source of life. Jupiter is meaning, mission, and yes, the grand adventure. Libra is how we restore balance in our minds, relationships, and senses. Translation? In order to feel alive and bright like the sun, go on an adventure (Jupiter) to see or engage in something beautiful and peaceful (Libra). Go visit friends and loved ones. Go sit by a lake with a glass of wine and your beloved and give thanks for how beautiful this life is. It’s important we meet new people, restore our equilibrium, and relish the beauty of the world this fall. Jupiter will be traveling through Libra for the next 12 months or so, reminding us that our missions and adventures are about restoring peace, releasing tensions, creating beauty, and making connections. Go see this beautiful world!

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 20)
Over the next three months, your best means of travel is with a trusted friend. One who has your back. Going it alone isn’t usually a problem for you, but there’s a strong chance that the buddy system could make your adventure that much greater. Perhaps a visit to your longtime friend who just had her first child? Business travel in general is beneficial. Sitting idly is not your normal preference, but perhaps a vacation to do just that may be called for. Maybe you’ve been going full-steam ahead or have been juggling flaming knives, blindfolded. Time to chill, my friend. All year, even. I honor your pioneering and adventurous spirit, but why not try the adventure of calming down and smelling the roses?
Best vacation days: Oct. 20-27, Nov. 3-22; plan in advance for holiday travel. Business/short trips: Sept. 29-Oct. 20, and all of November.

Taurus (Apr 21-May 21)
For you, Taurus, it is my astrological wish that all of your adventures and explorations and vacations leave you transformed. By that I mean—and this could be a statement for anyone but is especially pertinent to you these days—that your travel experiences broaden and deepen your view of the world. That you are left with wider vision and richer experiences, which all translate into a more beautiful and solid life. So in that vein, allow me to suggest that you make travel plans accordingly: Go to a healing retreat center. Meditate in a hot spring. Make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem or Machu Picchu. Business travel and short trips in general are especially encouraged just about any time over the next three months—especially if it’s to reconnect with family. Every day is a good day for that!
Best vacation days: Nov. 10-20, Dec. 1-15. Don’t rush the holiday travel. Take your time. Business/short trips: Oct. 20-27, Nov. 15-20, Dec. 2-15.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)
Always on the move, you Gemini are. And for good reason! You are the reporters and storytellers of the signs so we need you to see and experience many things. Ruled by he-with-winged-feet, Mercury, you, too, are the communicator, the connector, and conspirator of the zodiac. So with those winged shoes, you get to have fun in your travels this year. Let your vacation be about joy and celebration! Gamble a little if you’re so inclined. Go to the most romantic spot you can think of. I would LOVE to see an overall uptick in the amount of pure recreation you engage in. Whitewater rafting on the McKenzie River in Oregon is perfect for first-time rafters. Just remember to rent a mountain bike the next day. 
Your best vacation days: All of October, all of December. Business and short travel:  Sept. 25-27, Oct. 22-24, Nov. 11-21, Dec. 16-18.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22)
You’re stereotyped as more of a homebody than a world traveler, Cancer; but I may have to challenge that notion. Both of your astrological travel houses are highlighted for the rest of the year with an emphasis on getting back to your roots. With Jupiter in your solar fourth house of the home, visiting family and dear friends is very rewarding. But there’s a deeper reason here to do so: getting our internal house in order. We can reconnect with our best friend from high school, catch up, and have a splendid time—but what else happens is a deepening of our relationship with ourselves. After an encounter like that, we know more of who we are, and we love ourselves all the more. Let that be a motivator for your travels: greater happiness! Go visit home, get back to the land and work on a farm, go deeply into the wilderness, or head out into the vast sea.
Best vacation days: anytime now to mid-November. (Lucky you!) Slow down and don’t rush the holidays. Best for business/short trips: the rest of the year, but especially now until Oct. 7 and mid-December.

Leo (July 22-Aug 22)
Can you be two people? Can you take twice as many short trips, business or pleasure, as the average Joe? If I had my wish for you, you’d be on vacation every weekend! With Jupiter in your solar third house of the short trip, I’d rather you plan for a lot of short outings than for this energy to stagnate, and find release through a to-do list that forces lots of activity upon you. All of this energy in the nuclear reactor of your potential for joy must find its outlet! Draw a 100- or 200-mile circle around your home and make note of all the beauty around you. No matter where you live, there must be something to see—so go check it out. If you live in Arizona, pretend you are seeing Sedona from the eyes of a New Yorker for the first time.
Best vacation days: Besides every weekend? Early November and the holidays. Business and short trips. Really, any time. This is your year for it.

Virgo (Aug 22-Sept 21)
Venus rules your ninth house of long-distance travel—and, luckily, this season of autumn belongs to this planet. There is so much in astrology highlighting the themes of Venus—relationships, stress release, and pleasantness. Because of these things, it is imperative you find some peace. You work so hard and you do so much for other people, but you should care of yourself as much! Pamper yourself. I know you like to be productive and often can be the one giving the massage but this season, I encourage you to receive some of the energy you’ve been sending out so much of lately. Repeat after me, “I deserve a week at a spa. I get to go hear some music I enjoy. I get to go walk in Muir Woods like I’ve always wanted. I am so good, others may even wish to pay for it!” Say it until you believe it. 
Best vacation days: Nov. 11-Dec. 1. May it be healing for you. Holiday travel may be work, but it also may be necessary. Business and short trips are fruitful now all the way to the end of November. 

Libra (Sept 22-Oct 22)
What can I say? This is your year for travel. Want to take a year off and travel? Go now. Seriously. You have until your birthday next year. Jupiter moves through your sign once every 12 years for one year. That year began on September 9th—so get moving, pack your bags, and get outta Dodge! With Jupiter on your sun this year, you are being asked to expand your vision of beauty, peace, and harmony, step into your confidence, and enlarge your vision of the world while integrating those themes more deeply into your life. This is about you (for once). Give yourself exactly what you need. I heartily recommend plein-air painting at the Grand Canyon, a milder version of a Thelma and Louise adventure, or the most luxurious vacation you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s time. Imagine it and do it.
Best vacation days: You have my astro-permission to travel for vacation any day, anytime, anywhere. Business and short trips are fine anytime, too, as long as you understand that astrologically they must be about work, necessary responsibilities, or learning/teaching.

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Scorpio (Oct 22-Nov 21)
The travel experience for Scorpio is an interesting one indeed. Astrologically speaking, you are here on this planet to “live deep and suck out all the marrow of life” as Henry David Thoreau suggests we do. There is no sign more determined to live as passionately as you, so my astro-recommendations are that your travels be rich, meaningful, and deepening. In your short travels this season, make it so as well. However, with Jupiter in your solar 12th house this year, your vacation out into the world must accompanied by inward travels as well. Open your imagination. Open your heart and spirit. Do something uplifting and inspirational. Tour the ancient shrines and cathedrals of the world. A yoga retreat in India or Bali would be lovely. There’s a call. Heed it.
Best vacation days: Your best time to vacation is for your birthday. You must proceed with caution on short trips or trips for business trips until November 9th, but those trips must be taken. There is opportunity there. Prepare well and do it. You know of what I speak.

Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 21)
Telling a Sagittarius a good time to travel is like telling someone a good time to breathe. Any time is a good time to travel for a Sagittarius. Even if the luggage is lost and the appointment is missed, we Sags still make the most of it and extract what meaning we can from the experience. That being said, can we calm down a little? Saturn is making his way through our sign, increasing our workload and asking us to grow up a little. And that’s fine. Jupiter, now in Libra, sextiles our sun this year, telling us that if we do the work there are simply more and more opportunities that will be presented. Short trips and business travel are perfect for us this year! I can surmise that when we take these trips, we actually can get plenty of mini-vacations as well. Go teach a class in Boulder, take a class in Big Sur, do your business in Manhattan if you live in Singapore, and travel to Singapore if you live in Manhattan.
Best travel days: They’re all good, but the best days for business or short trips are Dec. 7 until New Year. Take a vacation in October or November.

Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 20)
If you play your cards right, Capricorn, this just may be a year of great advancement in your career or mission in the world. So I’m going to synthesize some concepts here and say to take a long, peaceful, rejuvenating vacation, but also get some work done, make some connections, or engage in some learning or teaching. I know you can often be the hardest-working and most stoic member of the zodiac, so I feel the need to encourage you to relax and release stress to avoid burnout. Take long trips for work and short trips for vacation. Yes—take lots of little vacations as far away and as dreamy, glamourous, or romantic as possible. Go watch the deep night sky from a yurt in Finland. Have dinner one evening under the ocean. Fly to Paris for breakfast for the most romantic 24 hours ever.
Best (short) vacation days: Now through Oct. 16, Oct. 28-Nov. 5, Dec. 4 through the holidays. Best days for long-distance business travel: all year but especially now through the end of October and Dec. 4th through the holidays.

Aquarius (Jan 21- Feb 20)
Well, my Aquarian friend, it seems like you are going on the adventure of a lifetime. Astrologically speaking, you have a once-in-12-years shot at making the most of the opportunities that are presented before you. Are you going back to school in some way? Are you relocating to a foreign land? With Jupiter in your solar ninth house of travel, I can only surmise that your view of the world is about to enlarge, evolve, and expand. I recommend you engage in a culture completely foreign to your native one. I suggest you come up to everything you think you know and allow a broader perspective. And most of all, I recommend that all take place with a great adventure! Engage in culture shock. If you live in Phoenix, I recommend a bike tour of the Moldova Valley in the Czech Republic. If you live on the 20th floor in Manhattan, go work on a farm. (If you live on a farm, go visit Manhattan!) Go places you never thought you’d go. You can then be more than you ever thought you were. Short trips, on the other hand, are requiring your sea legs. Prepare for unexpected circumstances. Not good or bad, necessarily—just expect the unpredictable. Think scenarios such as your flight is rerouted with an extra layover, but you end up seeing your best friend from high school who remembers she owed you a couple hundred bucks and just struck it rich in the lotto so here’s some interest. Maybe. Who knows?
Best vacation days: Travel in the above manner anytime until the holidays. Carte blanche. Be careful with short trips.

Pisces (Feb 20- Mar 20)
All of my astrological indicators are suggesting to me that this is a season of healing and restoring, my friend. I can imagine you needing to sit on the bench for a minute after a long climb to the top of Mount Tamalpais. Your beloved is next to you and you’re holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes, and you are so grateful you two made this long journey together. There, overlooking the coastline, you reflect on the past summer and feel like you need to shake it off like a golden retriever has to shake off water after a swim. Feel that? Refreshment. How do you get that feeling? Sitting by the coast, sinking into a hot spring, overlooking a long and deep vista for hours on end. Make it sacred if you can, whatever that means to you.
Best vacation days: The first two weeks of October are fabulous for a getaway with your partner. Make it deep and meaningful. Mid-November to mid-December are favorable as well. Short trips are best after the middle of November and you’ve got an “all clear” for the holidays—astrologically speaking, of course.

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