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Where to Travel in 2018 According to Your Astrological Sign

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We asked an astrologer to give us the best trips and the best (and worst) dates for all 12 signs.

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In 2018, explore the vastness of this world, learn what it has to teach, and show gratitude for the wonders of this beautiful and rare planet Earth. Here’s when and where to travel this year.


March 21-April 19
My warrior friends, you have been through a lot the last several years—the war for breakthrough and the courage it takes to avoid breakdown. You need some rejuvenation. Nevertheless, being who you are, I’m not recommending anything subtle. This may be the year for you to traverse the Amazon and hang out with a shaman. Transformative travel aside, it looks like travel for business could be profitable as long as you remember to make it equally profitable for all parties. That could increase the profit even more. Generally speaking, all year looks good for business travel. Long-distance travel is best in early January. Travel for commerce peaks the end of April to the end of May. Go home and relax for the Fourth of July. The greatest adventures of the year will come after Halloween.
Trips to try: Ayahuasca journey in Peruan onsen retreat in Japan


April 20-May 20
I commend you for facing some hardships and persevering for the past couple of years. Now is the time to shape your life’s broader vision. If you can do things in your travels that expand your mind or your  experience, great wisdom can come from it. Is there something you have always wanted to learn? Is there a culture in which you have always wanted to be immersed? Dare I recommend a few summer classes at Oxford or studying cooking in Italy? Perhaps a five-day workshop on the opposite coast? Enriching your worldview while traveling could become a life-long addiction. Be careful. Your best travel times are any time your friends or family say they are buying your ticket. Your next-best travel times are mid-February to mid-March for any creative or spiritual classes or workshops, the end of May to the end of June for short trips, and traveling for business after Thanksgiving.
Trips to try: A cooking class in another countrya weekend course at Esalen Institute in Big Sur


May 21-June 20
Let’s face it: Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do. Like doing the dishes. I don’t want to do the dishes, but I want to clean kitchen. So, I have to do the work of doing the dishes if I want a clean kitchen. The last couple years may have felt like an endless stream of dishes to wash. That’s fine! You are now that much stronger, right? Your kitchen is now much cleaner, right? So, this year, travel to come back into your body. Perhaps there is some necessary healing to attend to. Perhaps letting your mind relax and body stretch with a yoga retreat is just what the doctor ordered. I recently went to the Wilbur Hot Springs in Northern California, and while the scent of the minerals was at first overwhelming, I quickly adapted and felt rejuvenated in those waters—perhaps you should visit, too. Your best travel dates for vacation, healing, or longer adventures are the middle of January to the middle of March. Traveling from the middle of June to the middle of July is best for shorter trips or commerce. Travel to or with family at the end of July and August.
Trips to try: A dreamy detox resortIceland’s Blue Lagoon


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June 21-July 22
The heart is the most sacred organ. While it’s true for everyone, it is especially deep for Cancer. Over the past several years, many Cancers have experienced sudden changes, for good or ill, and hopefully the healing of some ancient stuff. You need some fun. I’m so excited for you. It’s more often a Leo or Sagittarius I would say this to, but this is the year I encourage you to party hearty. There could be a bundle of energy coiled within you that is looking for a healthy release. Exercise this energy through adventure sports, speculation, doing art, dancing, singing, and all forms of play. That’s the word of the year for you: play. Go anywhere that sounds like so much fun your inner little kid wants to clap for joy. Don’t go anywhere that doesn’t. Your best travel dates for short business trips are the months of July and August. I encourage long-distance travel from Valentine’s Day to spring equinox.
Trips to try: Hit the clubs in Berlinvisit Venice during the Biennale


July 23-August 22
My fun-loving friend, you need many mini-escapes this year. Yes, you have been tasked with the challenge of creating as many side adventures, delicious detours, and Friday “sick days” as humanly possible. These are not just for carefree joy and mindless energy release; they are actually quite healing. We call it recreation. Hyphenate that word; re-creation. When we recreate, we re-create ourselves. We are made fresh and new by stepping out of reality for a minute (or a weekend once a month) and just having fun. Astrologically, you are to create as many of those fun, quick jaunts as possible. Save the long journey for that much-needed family vacation. For that, I recommend the wilderness. Your astro-travel guide suggests the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness on the border of Minnesota and Ontario. Fly into Duluth and drive up the North Shore of Lake Superior to Grand Marais. Find an outfitter, then keep going north. Take the family vacation (or go home to the family) as close to the start of school as possible, around September. Travel for commerce is a good thing in August and September. Again: as many day or weekend trips as possible! No astrology needed! 
Trips to try: California wine countryan animal sanctuary that’s also a farm stay in upstate New York


August 23-September 22
We can go about our lives in a predictable manner, with the same places and people and things, showing up for work and seeing friends and family. But one day, we may look around and ask, “Where does that highway go?” We can be comfortable in our rhythm when, apparently out of the blue, we need change and seeing new things. This is one of the greatest joys of travel: Our lives expand with our wonder. Ask for that this year, and seek it out. If you live in the United States, travel to a less-developed country and take as little money as possible. If you live in Europe, go see the Philippines. If you live in Japan, explore Peru. Go somewhere you’ve never gone. Break out of the familiar. These long-distance travels are best, astrologically speaking, in the big window of May 21 to August 7. Concurrently, if you travel for business, the whole year is great to do so, with Jupiter in your solar third house. If you are in sales, this is your year, with October 4 as your power day.
Trips to try: The remote Canadian archipelago of Haida Gwaii; Varanasi, India


September 23-October 22
Mercury rules your house of long-distance travel; therefore, Mercury is your travel guide. But we all know that Mercury can be a trickster with his/her retrogrades. So, to say that all Librans are extra susceptible to Mercury retrogrades is simply wrong. However, if you dread those times, here they are for 2018; March 23-April 15, July 26-August 19, November 17-December 6. Generally speaking, you should travel any time but those dates. That being said, May 30-June 11 and October 15-30 are the dates that could provide the most happiness, expansion, and rejuvenation. This is a year of increasing your confidence, so try bungee jumping, parasailing, rope climbing, or anything else you may be a bit hesitant to do. 
Trips to try: Bungee jumping in New Zealand; surfing in Hawaii


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October 23-November 21
If I were to have my way, this would be the year of your sabbatical. With the presence of Jupiter—the planet of travel—expanded horizons and opportunity are in your sign all year until November 8. Let luck and opportunity be your guides while you realize what you are capable of and what you deserve. Perhaps a solo hike up the Cascade Trail? Or something more empowering, like a cruise down the Amazon? Don’t limit yourself! This is your once-in-12-years shot to claim your power and engage in the beauty of life, setting the tone for the next decade and more! Go where you’ve always wanted to go but haven’t yet given yourself permission. A day between June 21 and July 21 is your best day for this adventure to commence, especially if it’s for a more meaningful adventure. February 18 to March 21 are also good if your intention is for recreation, fun, party time, or romance. Traveling for business or commerce is great before Saturn retrograde begins on April 19. After Saturn stations direct on September 6, the sales can begin again in earnest.
Trips to try: Cruising the Amazon; a solo trip


November 22-December 21
You’ll be so happy to hear me say this: You’re free! Seriously, Saturn has been traveling through your sign for the past two-and-a-half years. You’ve been working hard. Generally speaking, Sagittarius does not appreciate limits. Saturn loves limits. Now that Saturn is out of Sagittarius, the brakes are off, the restrictions are lifted, the gates are open, and you’re away! But you are a bit wiser, yes? A bit more, dare I say, conservative? So, this year it seems you may need to regroup after some challenges, rest after some work, and rejuvenate after some drudgery. Get to a monastery, ashram, mountaintop, or seashore, and reflect and recharge. Your life accelerates more in the direction of your dreams after November 7. Your best travel dates for rest and relaxation are June 25 to August 24. Mercury is retrograde from July 26 to Aug 19, but if you leave before July 25, you should be good. Travel for commerce is best September 11 through November 13. Just a note: After mid-November, the greatest adventure of your life will begin.
Trips to try: Utah’s national parks and monuments; Bhutan’s Tiger’s Nest Monastery


December 22-January 19
Both you and Libra have Mercury ruling your ninth house of long-distance travel and are therefore a bit more susceptible to Mercury retrograde challenges (read the horoscope above for Libra—she has the dates). Retrograde aside, this is a year of building. If you travel in January, you should do so to rebuild yourself. February will be your self-worth. March is for building contacts and business opportunities. April builds family. It is May where you may find some R&R. In June, go to the spa or a yoga retreat and rebuild your body. July builds relationships. August builds business. September is your month to travel the world. October builds your profession, and November, your community. By December, if you have still not done it, take the whole month on a Caribbean beach. You’ll thank me if you do.
Trips to try: A spa retreat at the Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Mexico; this under-the-radar Caribbean island


January 20-February 18
Get as far away from home as you can. There, I said it. Trust me. The world is calling. If you travel for your career at any time this year, the astrological outlook portends success. Surely, I can’t guarantee that for all Aquarians, but if you take the risk, this is a-once-in-12-year chance to expand the business globally. That means business trips! Isn’t there someone in Guadalajara you must visit? Perhaps there is a contact in Singapore you need to have dinner with? It could mean clinching the deal! Whatever place is familiar to you, travel to its opposite. Your best vacation travel dates are August 7 to September 9, just in time for school. Your exciting business travel is best in November.
Trips to try: Singapore; Tokyo


February 19-March 20
This is your travel year. It’s not every year I can say this. In fact, it’s once every 12 years. With Jupiter in your solar ninth house of cultural exploration and spiritual expansion, I recommend your grand journey take place between now and November. I’m talking epic and mythical journeys, the I-have-20-bucks-and-a-Eurorail-pass-so-see-ya-later kind of journey. Take the ring to Mount Doom, Frodo, kind of journey. Study baking in France this summer or try driving or boating around the world (in more than 80 days). Your life is set to expand greatly this year; make space for it. Even if you are stuck at home this year, read these classics: 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea, On the Road, or Under the Tuscan Sun. Bottom line: This is the year for expanding your mind, expanding your horizons, and getting a taste of different cultures. The best days to vacation or journey are all year, but specifically the month of January. I suggest business and commerce travel take place April 22 through May 13, and again September 9 through 30.
Trips to try: An off-the-beaten-path Europe trip; buy a plane ticket around the world

Please note that suggestions offered are broad and general. Consultation of one’s specific birth chart is always recommended for greater accuracy.

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