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Where to Go in 2013: Ambassadors’ Edition

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Last week, we posted our editors’ list of where to go in 2013. Now we present the places that our ambassadors are eyeing. You’ll know if you watch the amazing Highlights and Wanderlists they post that this is a crew of intrepid travelers—so when they say they’re excited about a place, we get excited too.

India is a place that I feel slightly afraid of, yet profoundly drawn to as a photographer. I’ve admired Steve McCurry’s work for what feels like my whole life and his photographs of the country make me long for it as if it’s water in the desert. Yet the crowds, the smells, the dirt and some of the other horror stories I’ve heard make me feel slightly afraid as much as I am intrigued. I hope 2013 is the year I will face my fear and be able to capture India with my own eyes. —Kirsten Alana
Wanderlist: India Scares Me But I Want to Face My Fear
Have you been to India? Post a Highlight and tell us about your experience!

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One of the unofficial Caribbean destinations that’s tugged on my adventurous heart strings for decades, Guyana boasts some of the most pristine forest in the world—much of which is still virtually unexplored. I’ve always dreamed of seeing a harpy eagle (the largest eagle in the Americas and one of the largest and most powerful birds of prey in the world) in the wild ever since I read about it as a child. Nicknamed the “Flying Wolf” it must really be a site to behold! —Patrick Bennett
Wanderlist: South America Is Calling
Have you been to Guyana? Post a Highlight and tell us about your experience!

I have been to Tokyo several times but have never had the opportunity to explore any other part of Japan. Between the hundreds of temples and a raging food scene, I am not sure which will make my heart sing louder as I finally discover Kyoto and Osaka.  As I plan my trip, I am collecting highlights from AFAR community members along the way. —Andi Fisher
Wanderlist: Kapturing Kyoto and Osaka
Have you been to Japan? Post a Highlight and tell us about your experience!

I try to do one epic adventure every year and this year I’m heading back to Turkey to hike the entire Lycian Way—a total of 500km. The Lycian Way is an ancient footpath in southwestern Turkey, connecting Fethiye in the west with southwest of Antalya. —Sherry Ott
Wanderlist: Turkey’s Best
Have you been to Turkey? Post a Highlight and tell us about your experience!

South Africa
South Africa is on my mind, in part because the magic of Kruger still dances in my head, but in part because baby Erika needs to meet her cousin, Biko, who lives in Johannesburg. And a trip to Table Mountain because I’ve still yet to make it to Cape Town. Imagine! —Charu Suri
Wanderlist: South Africa through My Eyes
Have you been to South Africa? Post a Highlight and tell us about your experience!

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Having satisfied my curiosity for urban exploration, I’ve decided it’s time to prioritize more adventurous and active travel. A number of options come to mind: Biking through Andalucia, rock climbing with my husband in Australia (one of his dreams) and camel trekking through the Sahara—but hiking through the varied landscapes of Iceland tops my list for 2013. The idea has been on my mind ever since a friend waxed rhapsodic over her experience and the connection she felt to nature. It would certainly be a welcome break from city living. —Lindsey Tramuta
Wanderlist: Iceland
Have you been to Iceland? Post a Highlight and tell us about your experience!

My best friend and I have many things in common and a few of them revolve around Paris, France: Ernest Hemingway’s books, Julia Child’s recipes, croissants, cheese, and butter. The Bestie and I don’t live in the same city, so we travel to each other’s home frequently. However, it’s been about 10  years since our first and last international trip to Portugal.  This year, it’s time to travel again and we’re making sure we experience all the culinary and literary delights that Paris has to offer, including a cooking class and a visit to Shakespeare & Company.  I’m particularly excited to connect with AFAR Ambassador Lindsey Tramuta because all her foodie highlights are drool-worthy and we seem to share a similar love of cheese. —Kristin Zibell
Wanderlist: Paris Bites
Have you been to Paris? Post a Highlight and tell us about your experience!

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Photo: Dani Vernon

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