French pastry sans gluten?? Mais, oui! Helmut Newcake’s gluten-free raspberry tart.

Based on our Instagram feeds, it appears that 98-percent of AFAR staffers travel with their tastebuds and belly first. For many of us, it’s that heady mix of foreign destination + buzzy (or under-the-radar, or truly authentic) restaurant that gets us out of the office chair and onto the plane. Where we’re going—or fantasizing about going—in 2015:

“I’m planning a trip around Hartwood in Tulum, Mexico. It’s an open-air restaurant in the jungle with an impressive wood-fired oven that focuses on local, sustainable ingredients—basically, paradise for a food lover.” —Danielle Walsh, associate editor

“Mostrador Santa Teresita in San Ignacio, Uruguay. It’s run by the La Huella guys and soft-opened last summer—super causal but the food is out of this world. I’m also dying to check out Thomas Keller’s new pop-up, AdLib, in Napa at Silverado Resort. And brilliant chef Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy.” —Jen Murphy, hotels editor

“My wife has celiac disease, so we don’t really plan our trips around restaurants. But when we found Helmut Newcake, a bakery and café in Paris that makes the best gluten-free pastries in the world, we decided it would be worth it to fly there for even just one meal. And by meal I mean a couple of bites of quiche and 17 pastries.” —Jeremy Saum, executive editor 

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“Mourad Lahlou’s much-anticipated second restaurant has just opened in San Francisco, and I’m itching to go (like, chicken-pox-level itching). I love his first restaurant, Aziza, for its bold Moroccan flavors and carefully sourced ingredients. With Mourad, which has been in the works for about two years, he’s going a bit more upscale and a bit more Californian—while staying true to his Moroccan roots. Would I travel for it? Certainly. But I won’t have to, since it’s about 10 minutes away from our San Francisco office.” —Davina Baum, director of digital content 

“I’ve had my eye on Rose’s Luxury since spotting it on Bon Appetit’s top-ten list. It’s the mix of how’d-he-think-of-that? food (like strawberry pasta), a very un-D.C. interior, and chef Aaron Silverman’s clear desire to make people happy via food and drink.” —Aislyn Greene, associate editor 

“If I had the $$ I’d plan a trip around Jiro’s in Tokyo. After watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi, I thought—wow, this guy is an artist, that’s gotta taste incredible! Every piece of fish is chosen with so much precision, and everyone who works there is held up to those standards, whether they’re cleaning the tabletops or making the rice. Plus, the guy’s getting up there in age and still insists on making the sushi himself! It seems like his son’s sushi place is just as good, and more affordable because he’s not as well known.” —Alex Palomino, photo assistant

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