You Can’t Have It All, but You Can Have Cake,” The New York Times
As Delia Ephron visits her favorite bakeries within walking distance in Manhattan, she muses on the idea of women “having it all.” Maybe having it all doesn’t mean checking off the boxes of career, marriage, children; maybe it is the fleeting moment when what you want and what you have align, like when you find yourself in a café on a weekend morning and the smell of fresh bread and pastries is so strong it almost knocks you over. This month, as I begin my work at AFAR and make my way around to the many renowned bakeries of the Bay Area, Ephron’s words ring especially true. —Liv Combe

Brooklyn Bodega, Syrian Soul,” Roads and Kingdoms
Having lived in NYC for ten years I came to think of the bodega as a magical place that had anything and everything I could ever need at any hour of the day (tamarind paste, toilet paper, a 6-pack of Sam Adams). Gary Sullivan discovered one item I never thought to look for—music. For more than three years he’s been cataloguing his best finds from the Syrian bodega on Fifth Avenue on his web site Bodega Pop. On Roads & Kingdoms, Sullivan writes that, “these songs and albums serve as reminders of the very real lives at stake in the region.” —Jen Murphy

How to Book an Apartment in Paris,” Take Your Big Trip
Kristin Zibell, creator of Take Your Big Trip, is about to take her next big trip to Paris this fall. In this post she provides a detailed breakdown of the different home/vacation rental services out there. Through this research and the help of some AFAR ambassadors, she was able to find the perfect spot for her Parisian rendezvous.  —Lauren Nicholl

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Scotland by the Yard,” Travel + Leisure
When it comes to fashion, Scotland isn’t one of the first countries that come to mind. But talented young designers are starting to change that with their takes on iconic pieces. Visit Edinburgh, and you can find meticulously sewn kilts made from denim or camouflage and leopard-print rain boots with custom tweed tops. Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld recently put on a show near the capital city that made heavy use of reimagined tweeds and plaids. So if you want to stay ahead of the couture curve, make your way to the Highlands. Lara Takenaga

Thirsty For…,” Tastemade
I could get lost in the Tastemade “Thirsty For” videos. Short and sweet, visually rich and culturally relevant, the videos explain delicious international beverages like badung, horchata, and yerba mate—including recipes. A lemony, sweet Portuguese coffee (called mazagran) might just get me through the day. —Davina Baum

Welcome to the Burning Man Frenzy. Here’s how we win it,” The Burning Blog
As the iconic festival has come to a close for 2013, resident Burning Man blogger reacts to the increase in mainstream popularity marked by celebrity attendance and an influx in major network media coverage which claims the mission of the legendary week-long festival has become diluted. Blogger Caveat Magister advises to always remember that if staying true to the festival’s mission of impacting cultural change around the world, having the world’s eyes on Burning Man is the sign of true success. —Leah Atkinson

The Golden Treasury of Poetry, Louis Untermeyer
When I need trip inspiration or to ground my wanderlust, I turn to the Golden Treasury, an anthology of poetry. I found the book in London and lugged the hard copy through Europe for nearly a year. I was tempted to ditch it on many occasions,but every time I opened it, I found a new passage that spoke to me. I wrote notes in the margins and pressed flowers in its pages, not realizing it would make up for the journal I didn’t keep. Years later I reminisce over old favorites or flip at random to find a new poem that relates to my current situation. With a range of topics, authors, and styles, I find there’s always a passage to inspire, ground, or unsettle any reader. —Allison Murray

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The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Volume 9, edited by Lavinia Spalding
The latest edition of The Best Women’s Travel Writing has quickly become my go-to late-night read. As I snuggle under the covers, I am instantly transported to Egypt, Mexico, Guyana, and moved by laughter, tears, and intrigue as I travel from story to story. For armchair travelers looking to sate their wanderlust (at least for now), this book is a must read. —Kim Fortson 

Why Everyone F*cking Loves Science—and Elise Andrew,” Mashable
I’m not a science person, but I look forward to the posts in my newsfeed from the I f*cking love science Facebook page every day. I was surprised to learn who was behind this intensely influential page and how it became so huge. —Lauren Nicholl

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Tramuta/AFAR