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What We’re Reading: 8 Awesome Reads

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50 Places Every Music Lover Should Visit,” Flavor Wire
Even the casual music fan could come up with some of the obvious destinations for a travel itinerary dedicated to pop music landmarks: Abbey Road, Jim Morrison’s grave, The Chelsea Hotel, the Apollo Theater, Graceland. But it would take a real obsessive to come up with these 50. Still, oversights, omissions, and errors can be found. So let the music-site Wanderlist debate begin! —Derk Richardson

Rebranding A NYC Bookstore to Evoke the Golden Age of Travel,” Fast Company
The cool Manhattan based travel bookstore, Idlewild, gets a new look inspired by vintage airline tickets and maps. —Jason Seldon

The World’s Most Popular Airport Restaurants*,” CNT
Sure, the recommendations come from Foursquare users (hence that asterisk in the headline), but CNT’s compilation of above-par airport fare makes me think twice about packing a lunch when flying through cities like London, Chicago, or Paris. I don’t know about the Burger King in Beijing, but the “southernational cuisine” touted by the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s upscale eatery One Flew South seems worthy of its own trip. —Kim Fortson

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Ronald McDonald, Globaliste” Roads and Kingdoms
Whenever I travel abroad with my friend Michael he insists, much to my horror, that we stop at McDonald’s. He argues that global McDonald’s chains offer insight into the local culture and culinary scene. After reading, Matt Goulding’s piece “Ronald McDonald, Globalisté” I finally must admit that Michael just might have been right after all. McDonald’s, Goulding says, has found itself in the very unlikely position as defender of local cuisine. From McCamembert in France to the Tuna McMuffin in Tokyo, read on to see how local ingredients and dishes from around the world are being reinterpreted by the Golden Arches. —Jen Murphy

The Kindly Brontosaurus,” Slate
It’s really hard to ignore something that claims to be “a foolproof method of persuasion for securing a seat on a packed flight—and for that matter, for convincing authority figures of all stripes to give us things that aren’t ours.” (As I sit forward and gently clasp my hands, nodding empathetically.) —Davina Baum

Travel and Eating: Provence,” The Wall Street Journal
I’m moving to Marseille next month, and this article by AFAR contributor Alexander Lobrano couldn’t make me more excited. As the city transforms to live up to its title as the European Capital of Culture, its food scene has experienced a similar renaissance. Young chefs have struck a balance between tradition and innovation, reimagining dishes with “locavore freshness” and flavors from the many cultures that influence the region. For a taste of this new Provençal cuisine, check out the story’s recipes for such dishes as sea bream with fennel and chorizo. Bon app!  —Lara Takenaga

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How to Find and Live Your Passion,” LandLopers
AFAR Ambassador Matt Long recently combined his passion, travel, with his profession. Though it may seem like he’s living the dream (and it’s true he loves what he does), Matt addresses the issues that surface when your love becomes your work—and how to keep your passion from dwindling once the newness wears off. —Kim Fortson

Outside’s Best Towns 2013,” Outside Magazine
Outside Magazine recently released its annual list of America’s best towns to live in. Local runners, surfers, cyclists, and climbers help narrow the list down to a top ten. As someone who loves the outdoors, I use the list as a cheat sheet for the best towns to vacation in. —Jen Murphy

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