Paris 2013: Les Puces,” Lisa Congdon
My friend Lisa Congdon, a wonderful artist and designer based in the Bay Area, recently celebrated her honeymoon in Paris. This post from the sprawling flea market, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, brings me back to a day I got completely lost in Paris, which I wrote about here. —Julia Cosgrove 

Cocktails & Carnage: Feeding Ferran,” Roads and Kingdoms
I always feel a bit of pressure when people ask me to pick a restaurant for dinner. Selecting a great dining experience takes skill. It’s not simply about delicious food, though that is a major consideration. You also have to weigh the service, the music, the crowd, the noise-level, the ambiance, the price and whether that all pairs well with your dining companions. So I can imagine the stress of planning an eating adventure in NYC for one of the world’s best chefs. Howard Chua-Eoan shares which restaurants made the cut for his eating crawl through NYC with Spain’s famous chef, Ferran Adrià. —Jen Murphy

Paris at the Speed of Sneakers,” The New York Times
There’s a new way to sightsee in Paris, and it only requires lacing up. Every Thursday at twilight, up to 150 runners set off from the Nike store on the Champs-Élysées for a high-tempo guided workout that could include views of the Eiffel Tower between sprints up the Trocadéro’s stairs and sit-ups in the Louvre’s courtyard. The free tours give visitors a chance to mingle with locals and expats—and, at the very least, a scenic way to work off morning patisseries. —Lara Takenaga

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When 772 Pitches Isn’t Enough,” ESPN Magazine
This story by Chris Jones, one of my favorite writers, is, on the surface, about high-school baseball in Japan, but what it reveals about the country and its culture transcends sports. —Jeremy Saum

Fads Aside, The Perfect Macaron Is Timeless,” The New York Times
Trendy desserts run the risk of fading faster than a sugar high, and macarons are among the latest batch of sweets to fall victim to ubiquity. But there’s hope for the centuries-old French pâtisserie. Elaine Sciolino tracks down the bakers in France who are getting it right, convincing that the perfect iteration of almond, egg whites and sugar is enough to give the macaron a fad-busting staying power. —Kim Fortson

The Disposable Man: A Western History of Sherpas on Everest,” Outside Magazine
Every sport has its unsung heroes. In climbing, it’s often the Nepalese sherpas who put their lives at risk to lead Western climbers up Mount Everest. “If somebody in America climbs Everest 19 times, he’d be all over Budweiser commercials. Sherpas don’t get the same recognition,” the son of Everest pioneer Tenzing Norgay tells writer Grayson Schaffer in his Outside Magazine story, “The Disposable Man.” Schaffer provides an eye-opening account of the risks of the job and the growing rift between elite climbers and Sherpas. —Jen Murphy

Cast of Cooking Characters,” Ottsworld
AFAR Ambassador Sherry Ott spent an entire, enviable day in Wallonia, Belgium on a tour devoted to the French-speaking region’s food scene. Fresh from her trip, Ott recounts her experience through the types of makers she met, from the “cookie molder” to the “cheese creator.” — Kim Fortson 

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Photo courtesy of Sivan Askayo/AFAR