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What We’re Reading: 6 Reads to Bookmark This Week

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Mavericks,” n+1
Writer Alice Gregory returns to northern California and writes about the fearless surfers who charge the 100-plus foot waves at Mavericks and ponders why surf contests might be the strangest athletic competitions. —Jen Murphy

Lebanon 2: Diasporas,” Afropop.org
Where in the world would you expect to find the largest populations of Lebanese immigrants? Chances are Brazil and Ghana did not leap to the top of your mental list. In this edition of Afropop’s Hip Deep series, which includes text interviews, podcasts, and blog entries, the scholars A.J. Racy, Robert Moser, and John Collins discuss the Lebanese diaspora. And since music is the heart and soul of Afropop, the multifaceted presentation is shot through with examples of the musical hybrids that have been generated at the cultural crossroads.  —Derk Richardson

The United Sports of America,” Slate
You know you’ve been wondering for a while now what your home state’s state sport is, and the editors at Slate have gone ahead and answered that question for all of us. Make sure to click on each of the states to learn more about the sport — I, for example, never would have known that Ohio is home to the American Cornhole Organization. But now that I do, I’ll be tossing, beanbag-like, my membership their way. —Liv Combe

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Impression: Sunrise at Uluru,” Adventure Collection
AFAR contributor Don George hopes Uluru lives up to the legend. When he arrives to see it at sunrise, he is far from disappointed. —Kim Fortson

Mental Floss Exclusive: Our Interview with Bill Watterson!
Some of the first travel stories I read as a kid were actually in the comics section of the Sunday paper — precocious boy-wonder Calvin and his best tiger friend Hobbes galavanting off into the woods for adventures in sledding and wagoning and hiking. Bill Watterson, the notoriously private man behind the wildly successful strip, made me want to be an adventurer in the first place. This December, Mental Floss was lucky enough to get an email interview with Watterson, who graciously answered questions about YouTube animations of Calvin & Hobbes, why he doesn’t display his paintings, and peeling those Calvin stickers off pickup trucks. It’s a magical world, indeed. —Liv Combe 

Middle East Project, Apolis
I’m a huge fan of the lifestyle brand Apolis and have been awaiting its recently released Middle East Project film. Apolis spent the last two years documenting its collaboration between Israel & Palestine to manufacture the Apolis Co-Op sandal. The result is an inspiring film that tells a story of how making leather sandals united two people across borders. Check out Apolis’s Middle East journal here. —Jen Murphy

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