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Postcard from Istanbul,” Ottsworld
Istanbul has long been on my list of dream vacations, and I’m enjoying reading Sherry Ott’s account of her return visit there. I also love watching Istanbul resident (and Gadling writer) Meg Nesterov’s Instagram feed. —Davina Baum 

Highlights from our trip to Noosa, Queensland, on Australia’s Sunshine Coast,” Chubby Hubby
Food-obsessed blogger Aun Koh visits Australia’s Sunshine Coast and discovers the paradise that is Noosa: perfect beaches, perfect weather, and awesome food. Plus, the new dad says it’s the ultimate family getaway. (Image above.) —Jen Murphy

The Reach of a Chef: Professional Cooks in the Age of Celebrity, Michael Ruhlman
In San Francisco, chefs are treated like celebrities and restaurant openings are announced with all the media hoopla of a new Wes Anderson film release. But even outside the Bay Area, the rise of Food Network stars and proliferation of “chef-branding” has placed the profession at an interesting crossroads. Michael Ruhlman examines the landscape of chef culture, while sneaking us into the kitchens of stars like Thomas Keller. —Justine Quart

When ‘Local Sourcing’ Means Aisle 12,” New York Times
Jeff Gordinier spills the beans about which preservative-laden processed foods chefs admit to using—and liking. Pass the Cool Ranch Doritos! —Julia Cosgrove

Argentina, a Model of Equality,” Out & Around
I read this really awesome article (and video) about the gay community of Argentina by my friends from Out and Around. Great to see such progressive social policy there. —Lauren Nicholl

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The Maple Plan: Bringing the Forest to the City,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Stories about more trees coming to the planet always make me feel good. Even if those trees are in some exotic, faraway place like Pittsburgh. Full disclosure: My sister is engaged to an arborist. —Jeremy Saum

DC Bike Shop Owners See Big Returns from Bike Share,” Transportation Nation
If there’s one thing I love reading about more than an increase in the world’s trees, it’s an increase in the world’s bikes. This story shows how city bikeshare programs are a gateway drug to bike ownership. —Jeremy Saum

A Woody Guthrie Centennial Moment,” The Bluegrass Special
Woody Guthrie’s centennial is close upon us—July 14. British alt-rocker and activist Billy Bragg collaborated with Wilco on two albums of unrecorded Guthrie lyrics that they put to music. Here he writes about Woody as “the original alternative musician.” —Derk Richardson

Crossing the Globe to Sample a Deadly Dish,” Wall Street Journal
Chef Marcus Samuelsson, who recently released his compelling memoir, “Yes, Chef!,” shares a story about crossing the globe just to try Japan’s deadly fish, fugu. —Jen Murphy

Boulder, Ann Arbor, Tucson & More: 20 Most Creative U.S. Cities,” The Daily Beast
Richard Florida, who’s the expert on the importance of cities as creative hubs, is out with his new list of the most creative cities in the United States. AFAR’s hometown ranks #2.  —Jeremy Saum

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The Hidden Costs of Fast Coffee,” Ecosalon
Pleased to read that Dunkin’ Donuts uses fair-trade beans. Now if only they could find an alternative to that Styrofoam cup. —Davina Baum

Brunch on a Budget in Paris’s 10th Arrondissement,” T Magazine
The 10th is where it’s at. —Tara Guertin

I Am Packed
Jeralyn Gerber wrote about I Am Packed in Fathom’s Links We Love column, and now I’m hooked. —Davina Baum

Image courtesy of Chubby Hubby.

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