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A Vacation Goes South,” California Magazine
AFAR contributor Frank Viviano on a Guatemala adventure gone wrong. —Derk Richardson

Bricolaje: Spain’s Independent Rock,” Pitchfork
Barcelona’s San Miguel Primavera Sound festival is the stage for one writer’s exploration into Spain’s D.I.Y. rock scene. The country’s sluggish economy hasn’t slowed these artists, who are defining their upbeat niche in a globalized industry and responding to the challenges they face through music. Audio files are embedded so you can listen for yourself! —Serena Renner

2.5%: Conscious Travel in the World’s Most Biologically Intense Rainforest,” iSeeiTravel
I’ve been reading about Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula—check out the amazing images in iSeeiTravel’s post (one is above). They’ve launched a program promoting responsible tourism in the region. —Lauren Nicholl 

I love the new Airbnb redesign, launched this week. The new wish list feature makes me want to browse all the amazing places I dream about staying in, like this “Retro Chic Canal Pad” in Amsterdam (Thanks, Ashton Kutcher, for the rec!). —Davina Baum

Secret British Beaches,” Beach Tomato
I’m obsessed with Beach Tomato and its round-ups of off-the-beaten path seaside escapes. While most people are booking their trips to Britain to see the Olympics, this slideshow had me ready to book a ticket to go check out its beaches. —Jen Murphy

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Crossing Pirate Alley on a Yemeni Cookie Boat,” VICE
How Adam Valen Levinson made it past the pirates in the Gulf of Aden to get to war-torn Somaliland. This is gutsy travel defined. —Kareem Yasin

Is Spain boring or just too good?,” ESPN
Pundit-in-residence Roger Bennett tells readers that Spain’s dominance in world soccer is a rare thing to cherish, not a snooze of pinball passing. Bennett has some great columns about everything European Championships and is one half of the popular Men in Blazers podcast. – Adam Fischer 

Farther Away,” The New Yorker
I’m planning a backpacking trip for my grandfather’s memorial, and a friend recommended this essay by Jonathan Franzen for inspiration. Franzen manages to weave literary history, the tale of Robinson Crusoe, the tragedy of Franzen’s beloved friend and fellow writer David Foster Wallace, and his own epic on an exposed Chilean island into a beautiful piece about the dangers of isolated individualism. The story made me stop several times to think. —Serena Renner

NOLA Must-Lists,” Bon Appetit
I loved the Bon Appetit editors’ essential NOLA eating and drinking list, which was a preview to last weekend’s grub crawl there and includes fun Instagram pics. —Jen Murphy 

What Happens to Olympic Host Cities After the Games?” Outside
An interview with two photographers who have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a photo book that will look at how the Olympic Games have impacted former host cities, for better and for worse. —Kareem Yasin

The Parsonage,” Miss Elmlid
Malin Elmlid is a baker and blogger who works for Levi’s Vintage in Berlin. Her blog has gorgeous photos and details her travels. She was recently in San Francisco to swap bread-baking secrets with Chad Robertson of Bar Tartine. She posted about her great B&B find in Hayes Valley. —Jen Murphy

Photo courtesy of iSeeiTravel.

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