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Vietnam in Photos: Instagramming Saigon,” Legal Nomads
How is it that I haven’t been following Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads on Instagram? Problem rectified. In Vietnam for an extended period, Jodi has been shooting some fantastic photos. —Davina Baum 

The End of Wend,” World Hum
In a late-coming eulogy for the eco-adventure magazine Wend, travel writer Brian Kevin wonders whether a publication about sustainable travel is sustainable. —Derk Richardson

Picasso’s pivotal year: Becoming a master” The Economist
Curator Barnaby Wright outlines what made 1901 such an important year in the development of Pablo Picasso as an artist—this period in the artist’s career, when he was only 19 years of age, is the subject of a new exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery in London. —Bryan Kitch 

Egypt in Decay,” Roads & Kingdoms
Roads & Kingdoms shares an in-depth interview with photographer Xenia Nikolskaya about her new book, DUST: Egypt’s Forgotten Architecture, and her current exhibition in Stockholm. Her images document the hauntingly beautiful abandoned palaces and salons of Egypt. —Jen Murphy

The glass that will change how we see travel, literally,” Skift
The tech side of travel is evolving at an ever-quickening pace. Google recently announced the details of Google Glass, and its potential as a tool for capturing and sharing the experience of travel is seemingly unlimited, as these photos and accompanying video make clear. —Derek Butcher 

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One Night in the Kalahari Desert,” Matador Network
A short, sweet travel essay from travel writing student Alexandra Orford provides a vivid glimpse of life in the Kalahari Desert—the hearth providing a connection to generations of human history. —Bryan Kitch

Why Didn’t Abraham Lincoln Travel?” Gadling
In honor of President’s Day last week (not to mention the Oscar-winning film, Lincoln), a little presidential trivia: Which president never crossed an ocean? The correct answer: Abraham Lincoln. Gadling ponders why Lincoln wasn’t a traveler. —Jen Murphy

Where to Buy and Drink Natural Wines in Rome,” Parla Food
As someone who’s vaguely obsessed with and yet totally dilettantish about natural wines—the word is thrown around rather freely these days—I appreciated Katie Parla’s simple primer. And next time I’m in Rome, these spots will all be on my list. —Davina Baum

Photo courtesy of Jodi Ettenberg/Legal Nomads