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Baja Sketchbook,” Adam McCauley/Drawger
I must be craving a trip to Todos Santos, because the Baja, Mexico, town keeps coming up in conversation. This sketchbook of illustrations (one is shown above) from Adam McCauley further inspired the urge to go, drink margaritas, roam the cacti-filled desert, and fall asleep on the beach. —Julia Cosgrove

Cuisines Mastered as Acquired Tastes,” New York Times
Francis Lam investigates how travel has influenced American chefs, and empowered them to tackle ethnic foods that were once the domain of immigrants. Yet cries of inauthenticity—and unfair advantages—follow close behind. —Davina Baum

Wanny Di Filippo’s Florence,” NOWNESS
Florence’s most stylish craftsman, Wanny Di Filippo, founder of the leather goods company Il Bisonte, shares what he loves about the great Tuscan city in an intimate video portrait by Daniel Riera. —Jen Murphy

Drumkit, Ronwinter.tv
When I need a break from working, or traveling, or websites with actual content I spend a few minutes jamming out. —Jason Seldon

Breaking the Rules: Doing Right Means Sometimes Ignoring the Law,” Outside
Author Marc Peruzzi knows that good adventure sometimes means mischief. From swimming forbidden rivers near the French Alps to skiing untracked powder, the law can get in the way of a rad time. But when he takes his son for his first illegal bridge jump, he realizes that ignoring authority is more complex than right vs. wrong. —Adam Fischer

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The High Life,” T magazine
On my way up to Humboldt Redwoods State Park last weekend, I re-read this pitch-perfect story by Wells Tower, the author of one of my favorite books of the last few years, Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned. His analysis of Humboldt County—home to some of the world’s oldest, tallest trees, and an idiosyncratic group of “artists, back-to-the-landers, outdoorsfolk, slow-food entrepreneurs and urban refugees who found the Upper Haight too staid”—is travel writing at its best. —Julia Cosgrove

Independence Day,” Fathom
Lou Cuthertson marvels over the autonomy given to Swiss children in a classic installment of “The Expat Chronicles of the Swiss Family Cuthertson.” —Jen Murphy

Simon Reynolds Interviews Greil Marcus,” Los Angeles Review of Books
The U.K.’s smartest pop music critic, Simon Reynolds, is serializing his long interview with the U.S.’s vaunted music critic, Greil Marcus. —Derk Richardson

50 Couches in 50 Nights
Blogger, wanderer, photographer Dean Mackay slept on 50 different strangers’ couches on 50 consecutive nights. He photographed the couches and the characters of his nearly three-month experiment. On his website you can read in-depth entries about each host and learn more about his Kickstarter campaign. —Adam Fischer

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