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Our Guide to the Best Harbour and Ocean Swimming Pools in Sydney,” Gran Tourismo
When Nina Dietzel posted a Highlight on AFAR.com about a harbor swimming pool in Sydney, I was intrigued. Now, thanks to Gran Tourismo, I’m extra intrigued: they’re all over Sydney Harbor! —Davina Baum 

Why You Should Say No to Orphanage Tourism (And Tell All Tour Companies to Do the Same),” Adventure Travel News
If you’ve traveled in developing countries, you’ve probably thought about finding a way to help the kids you see. Here’s a thought-provoking story by a woman who started her own volunteer travel company in Cambodia and got a serious reality check. —Jeremy Saum

The Path of Apprenticeship, The Zen of Yellowstone,” Outside
A beautiful read before a winter trip to Yellowstone. The writer Mark Jenkins travels through the national park on cross-country skis, retracing past tracks to tell a story about process, mindfulness, and how experiences in the outdoors teach lifelong apprenticeship. Thanks to Jeremy Saum for the link. —Serena Renner

Learning to Speak American,” New York Review of Books Blog
What happens when an American publisher edits an English author’s book about the Italian national character (as gleaned from riding that country’s train system)? Tim Parks recounts his “lost in translation” experience. —Derk Richardson

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Utopian for Beginners,” The New Yorker
“Utopian for Beginners” is an amazing look at human languages through the story of a former DMV employee who created his own. Trying to perfect thought, combine the ‘coolest’ features of natural languages and avoid all that messiness of historic influence drove John Quijada to create Ithkuil. But try as he might, the language takes on a life of its own in the hands of some very interesting characters. —Sarah Zapiler

IndonesiaItalyFranceUKMoroccoUK…My Head is Spinning,” Aviatorsandacamera.com
It’s hard to believe that Kirsten’s jet-setter life could be anything less than glamorous. So I particularly appreciate posts like this one where she pairs these beautiful images with her honest telling of the reality of travel, which is often entirely unglamorous. Despite the exhaustion, aches, discomfort, and delirium, she reminds us that “the best adventures begin with the least expectations.” —Lauren Nicholl

Land of the Seven Moles,” The New Yorker
This year’s New Yorker food issue did not disappoint, and Calvin Trillin’s essay about visiting his daughter and her family in Oaxaca was a particular highlight. He writes about having granddaughters, eating grasshoppers, and how exactly to smuggle edible worms into the U.S. —Ariel Ramchandani

Photo by Nina Dietzel.

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