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Spring travel reads, Gypsy visits, and Crown Crust Cheeseburgers. Here’s what we’re reading this week.

Don’t Tell Mom, I’ve Been Sleeping With Gypsies,” The Blonde Gypsy
A photo essay (image above) of one woman’s experience staying with a Roma family, part of a non-profit program promoting gypsy tourism in Romania. —Kareem Yasin

Book It: Spring Reads,” Tablet
A great list of travel reading—new and old, fiction and nonfiction—including Rosencrans Baldwin’s new memoir about living in Paris, and classics like The Remains of the Day. —Davina Baum

Book Cover Archive
The Book Cover Archive is an amazing collection of beautifully designed book covers ranging from “The Pale King” to “Things Fall Apart.” You can view the collection by author, designer, illustrator/photographer, or typeface. It’s a wonderful website that I love to visit for inspiration, and it’s a great way to discover some unfamiliar authors. —Jason Seldon

Eating the Crown Crust Cheeseburger Pizza in Dubai,” Huffington Post
Paul Brady eats the cheeseburger-pizza concoction that’s only available at Middle East Pizza Huts, and reports back on its relative merits or lack thereof. —Jen Murphy

Just Me and My RV,” New York Times
In the New York Times travel section, AFAR contributor Andy Isaacson brings readers on his RV journey through California and Oregon. With two friends traveling in his “rig,” Andy sleeps in Walmart parking lots, meets a birdhouse-building “Paul Bunyan,” and attempts to break the Guinness World Record for most simultaneous high-fives. —Julia Cosgrove

Big in the Stans,” Matador Network
A new series from the Kabul-based band White City as it travels through central Asia. —Derk Richardson

Plus One Berlin: stay, meet a local, be a Berliner,” Wallpaper.com
Hiring locals as travel guides has been blowing up recently, and now Clare Freeman, former PR manager for Design Hotels, has tied the idea to a new hotel concept. Plus One Berlin pairs a hip apartment stay in the Kreuzkölln district with your very own city insider from Freeman’s network of friends (your plus one). Airbnb goes VIP. —Serena Renner

Passage to India—and the Dalai Lama,” Wall Street Journal
Ever wondered what it’s like to hang out with the Dalai Lama? Barbara Chai, a journalist and Buddhist, did it in Dharamsala, India. —Jen Murphy

Peru’s Master Percussionist: Alex Acuna, The World
Audio and video clip featuring the musician Alex Acuna. Acuna has brought his unique Afro-Cuban sound to a range of artists including Whitney Houston and Paul McCartney. —Adam Fischer

What We Learned from Reading Every Last Word of 14 Magazines,” The 6th Floor blog, The New York Times Magazine
The Times magazine blog ran a series where staffers were assigned to read every word of another magazine and report what they learned. It’s a fun May overview for magazine junkies who don’t have time to read 14 issues. —Serena Renner

Image courtesy of The Blonde Gypsy.

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