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Table Talk: Colorova in Paris,” T Magazine
Lindsey Tramuta is one of our beloved local experts—take a look at her dreamy Paris Wanderlist—but she also writes a lot for T Magazine. Check out her piece on new Left Bank patisserie Colorova.  —Davina Baum

We’ve Become a Food Culture,” Salon.com
It’s that time of year where we give thanks by stuffing ourselves with turkey, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and pumpkin and apple pie. Former Gourmet editor-in-chief and food writer Ruth Reichl reminds us to give thanks to the immigrants who have made and continue to transform American food. —Jen Murphy

Goodbye to my Twinkie Days,” New York Times
In my favorite elegy to the soon-to-expire Twinkie, the author Bich Ming Nguyen recounts her path to assimilation in 1980s Michigan. —Julia Cosgrove

Michael Chabon Reminds Us That Thanksgiving Is Where the Meal Is,” Bon Appetit
Michael Chabon’s musings on a Thanksgiving dinner ten years back first inspire envy and then something much more humbling. It’s short, packs a punch and put me in the right frame of mind to enjoy the holiday. —Ariel Ramchandani

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Tijuana Makes Me Happy,” Trail of Crumbs
There is constant debate over where the next food frontier is. For years chefs looked to France, then Japan and Southeast Asia, and, more recently, Scandinavia for inspiration and innovation. But right now, Latin America—specifically Mexico—has chefs and foodies transfixed. If someone told me five years ago that I’d be making a food pilgrimage to the gritty US/Mexican border town Tijuana I probably would have balked. But Los Angeles journalist Carlyn Aguilar’s two-part guest blog (see part two here) for Trail of Crumbs left me curious, not to mention hungry. —Jen Murphy

In Conversation: Tina Brown,” New York
For those who will mourn the end of the print version of Newsweek, this Tina Brown interview offers her fascinating takes on anglophilia and celebrity culture, and what she envisions for newsweeklies in the future. You might not agree with all her points, but man, that’s a formidable mind. —Ariel Ramchandani

The Top 10 Smartest European Cities,” Fast Company
What makes a city “smart”? What country in Europe has the most smart cities? What region comes out on top? Boyd Cohen thinks he has the answers, and he has a Smart Cities Wheel to back up his rankings. The implicit question that only a reader can answer is, what types of smartness would you look for when deciding where to travel? —Derk Richardson 

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Concrete Jungle in the Jungle,” The Believer [full story not available online]
Writer Avi Davis visits Las Pozas, a bewildering sculpture garden in the heart of the Mexican rainforest. It was built as a sort of Surrealist paradise in the 20th century by Edward James, an Englishman once described by Dalí as “crazier than all the surrealists put together.” We learn about the blustery bravado of the Surrealist movement, the importance the movement thrust on Mexico, and the hostile incident involving a Mexican jumping bean which caused an irrevocable rift between two artists in 1934. —Jess Silber

In Provence, a Taste of Culinary Splendor, History, and the Region’s Natural Wonders,” The Culture-ist
Just look at that lavender! William Bless describes the Provence culinary tour hosted by Carol Peck. —Davina Baum

Photo by Lindsey Tramuta, of the Royal Gardens in Paris.

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