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Where Is Cuba Going,” New York Times
Cuba is on my must-visit list, even more so after reading this piece in New York Times Magazine by John Jeremiah Sullivan. His description of people eyeing each other poolside at a Cuban resort will stay in my mind. —Ariel Ramchandani

Now Seating: Ciel de Paris,” Lost in Cheeseland
I almost try to avoid the blog Lost in Cheeseland because I usually end up checking flights to Paris, or at the very least drooling over photos of escargot, fresh baguettes, and, well, cheese. However, it’s difficult to look away. And as our Paris Local Expert, Lindsey is someone I’d trust for all Paris-related recommendations, especially places to eat. I’m adding this one to my list. —Lauren Nicholl

Hip Deep Angola: Music and Nation in Luanda,” Afropop Worldwide
The popular music of Angola remains underexposed compared to the sounds of Mali, Senegal, Ethiopia, South Africa, and many other African nations. Afropop Worldwide is pulling back the veil with a four-part series, Hip Deep Angola, produced by Ned Sublette. The first installment is live at Afropop.org, and much of it is based on the work of historian Marissa Moorman, interviewed in depth here by Sublette. —Derk Richardson

27 courses, 800 plates, 16 seats. The economics behind today’s new micro-restaurants,” Quartz
In Quartz, the Atlantic’s new business site, AFAR contributor Tom Downey writes about the jewelbox-style restaurant that’s all the rage—yet hard to justify, financially. —Davina Baum

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I Changed My Life,” A Certain Bent Appeal
This quick post takes an honest look at the mental, financial, and philosophical prerequisites for uprooting your life and plopping it down somewhere else. Corn fungus quesadillas never sounded so good. —Jess Silber

America’s Best Hipster Neighborhood,” Forbes.com
Several of Forbes magazine’s Top Hipster Neighborhoods have appeared on Afar’s pages. Coincidence? —Jeremy Saum

The Joy of Quiet,” The New York Times
In our world of touch screens and constant distractions, it seems that more people are making efforts to unplug. Travel writer and author Pico Iyer backs this theory up with numbers and case studies and turns readers on to the idea with tales of a Benedictine hermitage in Big Sur where time stands still. I’m getting the feeling that I should get up from my computer right about now… —Serena Renner

Water World,” Roads & Kingdoms
Roads & Kingdoms says goodbye to summer with this collection of photographer Dougie Wallace’s striking images of people playing in the sea, from kids bodysurfing in Kenya to people cliff diving in Phi Phi Island, Thailand. —Jen Murphy

Pommes de Terroir,” T Magazine
In T Magazine’s fall Travel Issue, Abby Aguirre reports on why farmers in southern Sweden are paying wine geek-like attention to the lowly potato, talking terroir and even tasting notes. —Jen Murphy

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Portrait of the Artist as a Postman,” The Texas Monthly
A strange and somewhat sad profile by Jason Sheeler of Kermit Oliver, a postal worker from Waco, Texas and the only American artist to design scarves for Hermès. —Ariel Ramchandani

Image of Cuba by David Netzer on AFAR.com.

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