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In Search of Home,” Aviatorsandacamera.com
Most of my travel community is currently exploring Barcelona and Girona in preparation for this weekend’s TBEX conference in Costa Brava. I’ve been trying my best to not get caught up in all the posts/tweets/instagrams, but sometimes I just can’t look away. Like with Kirsten Alana’s latest post, about her constant search for that feeling of home. Paired with her photos of one of my favorite cities, Barcelona (shown), the whole thing has me feeling wistful. —Lauren Nicholl

Capital of Cool,” W Magazine
A lovely portrait of Johannesburg, a city “full of hustle and optimism.” Seems like the perfect place—and time—for an AFAR Experiences event (in October!). —Davina Baum

Interview with Jonathan Gold, The Believer
Los Angeles Times food writer Jonathan Gold (whose AFAR Spin the Globe trip took him to Prague), talks about food around the world (with L.A.s’ Koreatown as the pivot point) in an R-rated interview with Andrew Simmons for The Believer. Derk Richardson

4 Years in Zurich and It’s Only Getting Sweeter,” My Kugelhopf
I’m planning a fall trip to Switzerland and have been obsessing over Zurich-based food and travel blogger Kerrin Rousset’s posts at My Kugelhopf. Here, she details why Zurich is the ultimate destination for anyone with a sweet tooth. —Jen Murphy

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Better Eating, Thanks to Bacteria,” New York Times
Jeff Gordinier had me at this: “Lately Mr. Katz has become for fermentation what Timothy Leary was for psychedelic drugs: a charismatic, consciousness-raising thinker and advocate who wants people to see the world in a new way.” —Julia Cosgrove 

The Honor System,” Esquire
Magic theft and a rare look into the life and art of Teller. —Kevin Favro

The Best Night $500,000 Can Buy,” GQ
GQ contributor Devin Friedman nails the good, the bad, and the ugly of Vegas when he tries to find out what  $500,000 can buy in a night at Sin City’s hottest club. —Jen Murphy

Opting Out of the ‘Rug Rat Race’,” The Wall Street Journal
A new study by a group of economists and psychologists is challenging the theory that success in life is based on cognitive ability. This research calls in to question the very basis of the US education system (including the validity of standardized tests). It’s exciting for programs like Learning AFAR, which help young people to develop qualities like, as this WSJ story says, “persistence, self-control, curiosity, conscientiousness, grit and self-confidence.”—Jordan Robbins

Neil Young Comes Clean,” New York Times
Cars, model trains, rock ‘n’ roll, high-end audio, and family. “When Young finds something he likes or cares about, he has a single mode: all in,” writes David Carr in a probing profile of Neil Young, whose autobiography, Waging Heavy Peace, comes out next week. Some lives are journey’s, Neil’s is a trip. —Derk Richardson

Zadie Smith’s 10 Rules of Writing,” Brainpickings.org
Maria Popova resurrects author Zadie Smith’s insightful list. —Davina Baum

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Drawn to the Magnet of Chile’s Surf Coast,” New York Times
I’m always looking for under the radar surfing desinations. AFAR contributor Ondine Cohane put a new one on my trip list: Pichilemu, Chile. The tiny beach town has a cool new design-minded hotel and is a short drive from wine country. —Jen Murphy