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A little inspiration (Lavinia Spalding’s TEDx Talk), a little mystery (Wander—what is it?), a little smørrebrød. Presenting this week’s smorgasbord of things that piqued our interest. 

Travel Writing and Global Change,” TEDx Talks
“Travel can teach us that the whole world is one big family,” says Lavinia Spalding in her moving TEDx talk about the importance of travel writing. This Berkeley public school alum couldn’t agree more. —Julia Cosgrove

A Well Traveled Woman
A little inspiration for independent girls who love the adventure and have an appreciation for the cool. It reminds me of when I had all the time in the world to be outside and savor life. An Endless Summer kind of thing. —Tara Guertin

Interview with Lisa Napoli: ‘Radio Shangri-La’ in Bhutan,” Worldhum
Radio journalist Lisa Napoli talks to World Hum’s Jim Benning about stepping out of her comfort zone in Bhutan. And read an excerpt from Lisa Napoli’s book Radio Shangri-La.Derk Richardson

Intrigued by Wander, a mysterious website started by Dinevore’s Jeremy Fisher. Not sure what it’ll end up being, but they’re doing a great job with the tease. The postcard project is a Pinterest pinner’s dream come true. —Davina Baum

Foodporn: Smørrebrød in Denmark,” Roads & Kingdoms
Roads & Kingdoms heads to Denmark and comes up with a theory about the birth of the quirky open-faced sandwich, smørrebrød. —Jen Murphy

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Traveling History Lesson: Las Malvinas,” Over Yonderlust
Having fun reading Over Yonderlust’s dispatches from Argentina, including this little history lesson on Las Malvinas, aka the Falkland Islands. —Lauren Nicholl

Searching for Sugarman,” Grantland
A new doc about 1970s singer/songwriter Sixto Rodriguez is giving this “lost” artist new life. After releasing two albums in America he disappeared and most people thought he died. It ended up that he was a huge success in South Africa, as famous as the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel. —Adam Fischer

Meet the Sous Chef: Sung Ahn, Chef de Cuisine, Aziza,” Tasting Table
Tasting Table’s Sous Chef Series turns its attention to Aziza’s Sung Ahn, a Korean immigrant and Iraq War vet who trained at The French Laundry, Urasawa, and Benu. His story is great, and his recipe for Korean-style short ribs (shown at top) is on my must-cook list this weekend.  —Julia Cosgrove

Whole Foods is coming? Time to buy,” Salon.com
This story is a fascinating look at how the arrival Whole Foods changes a neighborhood. It also taught me the phrase “hedonic modeling.” It’s a research technique, not what beautiful people do for BCBG ads. —Jeremy Saum

New Ambitions in Philippine Film Business,” New York Times
As taxes and piracy cripple the local film industry, independent filmmakers lead a renaissance in Filipino cinema thanks to cheap, digital technology. —Kareem Yasin

Image of Korean short ribs from Tasting Table.

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