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J’adore #41 Golden Gate Edition,” Misadventures with Andi
This past weekend, I took my out-of-towner parents across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. My boyfriend—who moved to San Francisco only four months ago—was the one providing all the fun and interesting facts about the city and its iconic bridge (which by the way is not golden, but International Orange). Complementing my new knowledge and SF pride is this lovely post by AFAR Ambassador Andi Fisher, all about the bridge and the different ways to appreciate it. —Lauren Nicholl

The Longest Way Home: One Man’s Quest for the Courage to Settle Down, by Andrew McCarthy
Traipse through the psyche—by way of Patagonia, the Amazon, the Osa, Vienna, Baltimore, Kilimanjaro, and Dublin—of a loner who really does want to get married. If you came to Andrew McCarthy through the movies (dispensed with quickly here), stay for the fluid prose and insights into travel. Incidentally, McCarthy was AFAR’s third Spin the Globe writer (March/April 2010). —Derk Richardson 

Photo Gallery: World Wonders,” National Geographic Traveler
National Geographic Traveler’s world wonders photo gallery will give you instant wanderlust. —Jen Murphy

Sao Paolo, Brazil by Rafael Fassimoto,” They Draw and Travel
I’m weighing the idea of a trip to Sao Paolo next year, and this map on They Draw and Travel caught my eye. So bright! So friendly! —Davina Baum

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What Makes a Great City Street?,” Switchboard
What makes a great street? You know it when you feel it, right? This post looks at some welcoming streets around the world and breaks down what makes them work. —Jeremy Saum

My Life in a Turban,” Salon.com
On Salon.com Vishavjit Singh tells how the bright blue turban he wore growing up caused taunts and teasing, but ultimately led to his now successful career in cartoons. —Jen Murphy

Mogadishu, Somalia. Mission: Ice Cream,” Roads and Kingdoms
Roads & Kingdoms contributors Nastasya Tay and Daniel Howden go on a late-night ice cream mission with Mogadishu’s Minister of Intelligence and Police Chief. Follow their adventure via dispatches from Google Map. —Jen Murphy

Bangaroo Rising,” Urbanland
Afar Experiences is heading to Australia in the spring, so I’ve been keeping a closer eye on what’s going on Down Under. This sounds like a pretty ambitious project, and it has an excellent Australian name: Barangaroo. —Jeremy Saum 

The Wounded Wanderer, Restored,” Deep Roots Magazine
In “The Wounded Wanderer, Restored,” David McGee reviews the new EP, U.S. 50, by John Fries & the Heat, in the context of “the loneliest road in America.” You’ll find it in the debut issue of Deep Roots, the McGee-edited online magazine of “Roots Music and Meaningful Matters,” which supersedes The Bluegrass Special. —Derk Richardson

Photo by Tara Guertin.

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