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Six Ways Taking a Big Trip Changes Your Life,” Take Your Big Trip
I often turn to Kristin Zibell for inspiration, especially when it comes to travel and taking risks. I especially love this post because she reaches out for further inspiration from our travel friends and community. —Lauren Nicholl

Amsterdam Guide, Eat Your World
By the time you read this, I’ll be in Amsterdam, sampling things like broodje pom, snert, lekkerbek, and lots of jenever. —Davina Baum 

LIfe on the Desert’s Edge,” Lens blog, The New York Times
Brooklyn photographer Daniel Kukla swapped his urban life for nearly a month of isolation near Joshua Tree National Park to document the unique high-low desert ecosystem. The best tools for capturing a landscape that dramatically changes with weather and the passing of time? An easel and a large mirror. —Serena Renner

Confessions of a Chicken Man,” Worldhum
Old but hilarious. “ I don’t care how you pickle it, fry it, sauce it or disguise it in patty form, I do not want to eat puffin, or iguana, or bull’s testicles, no matter how tasty they may be.” —Jen Murphy

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What I Talk About When I Talk About Running,” by Haruki Murakami
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running is Haruki Murakami’s journalistic yet meditative reflections on writing, life, aging, ambition, and of course running. Murakami writes about how his running has informed his philosophy, his conceptions of mortality and ultimately how running is essential in his life. —Jason Perez

Travel Bites: Cornmeal Pancakes – Savory & Sweet!,” Beers & Beans
Beth and Randy are constantly inspiring travel, giving back, and trying new things — like recipes! This looks like something I could actually make. The question is, savory or sweet? —Lauren Nicholl

Spotted in France” by Gregory Edmont
Man’s best friend and motorscooter companion through the streets of France. An entertaining tale of adventure, culture, and love. —Vince Gamboa

Great White Shark Diving in South Africa,” Landlopers
As probably the biggest fan of Shark Week, I was happy to come across this post after the week was over. Matt dives into the waters of Cape Town and gets up close and personal with the greats. —Stephanie Bradley

The Best Travel Video Ever Made,” Roads & Kingdoms
Is Roads & Kingdoms “Best Travel Video Ever Made” really the best travel video ever made? You be the judge?  —Jen Murphy

Image courtesy of Take Your Big Trip. 

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