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Who’s Going to Do My Back
Here at AFAR, we love our contributing writer Chris Colin. And our love extends to the entire Colin family. His brother is traveling alone in Southeast Asia (elephant and Nick, shown above), and has a wry, smart Tumblr to show for it. —Davina Baum

A Mother’s Long Love Affair With Colonialism,” New York Times
Michiko Kakutani reviews Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness. Written by Alexandra Fuller, the story is about the author’s mother, Nicola Fuller, who endures the hardships of raising a family in wartime Rhodesia. The book is filled with humor, compassion, and sadness, and left me ultimately understanding why the Fullers would hang onto the idea of a colonial Africa with such tenacity. —Onnalee McDonald 

What’s Behind North Korea’s Strange Architecture?” Boston.com
It is unlikely many of us will be traveling to North Korea anytime soon. Positing that “buildings are valuable aids to understanding any society, and perhaps even more so when it comes to one of world’s most isolated and secretive regimes,” Bradley K. Martin gives us new inside and outside perspectives in his review of a “strange new book,” Architectural and Cultural Guide Pyongyang. Derk Richardson

Style expert tells how to get the best from custom tailors in Asia,” Chubby Hubby
Don’t go to Asia and get a badly made suit. Aun Koh, aka Chubby Hubby, offers tips via Shanghai stylist Anthony Moynihan. —Davina Baum

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Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” The Atlantic
The infamous Atlantic story by Anne-Marie Slaughter and this post by a 19-year-old Barnard student form two interesting dimensions of our post-feminist society. —Derek Butcher

#Realtalk for the j-school graduate on the first five years of your career,” Nieman Journalism Lab
As a young writer and editor, I found Ann Friedman’s tips on strategizing an early journalism career worth sharing. The cliff notes: write, blog, tweet, and read more; network with other folks in the industry, especially people at your level, and “never describe yourself as an ‘aspiring’ anything.” —Serena Renner

Word of Mouth: London Street Food,” Cool Hunting
A street food revolution is popping up in London. The city’s top burger detective shares five London street food joints worth seeking out. —Jen Murphy

Image courtesy of Nick Colin. 

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