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The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Volume 8, Edited by Lavinia Spalding
The short stories in this anthology are by a group of magnificent female travelers. Every morning on my way to work, I take one incredible journey after the next as I live vicariously through their stories. —Lauren Nicholl

Clever Photos of Meals Inspired by Famous Novels,” Feature Shoot
We’re deeply enmeshed in production of the October food issue. Looking at food photos all day! —Tara Guertin

Whatever Happened to Jordache?,” Bloomberg Businessweek
A pretty amazing saga, even if you weren’t around for “the Jordache look.” That brand is so ingrained in my psyche, so tightly tied to images of horses and denim, that it actually came as a surprise to me that Jordache is a made-up word. —Davina Baum

Gunther Holtorf’s 23-Year Road Trip,” BBC News
The world’s longest road trip? Maybe. A former airline exec and his wife have been on the road for 23 years and have traveled more than 500,000 miles in their Mercedes Benz G Wagen named Otto. See outakes from the latest leg of their journey in Vietnam. —Jen Murphy

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In the Black Forest, Tradition Updated,” New York Times
AFAR contributor Gisela Williams transports readers to the Schwarzwald, Germany’s Black Forest, which she describes as a “reinvigorated destination.” I’m sold after reading about the region’s high number of Michelin-starred restaurants, small-batch distilleries, unusual charcuterie, and modern architecture. Plus, who doesn’t want to go to a place with something called the “Alternative Wolf and Bear Park”? —Julia Cosgrove

Red Sauce Diaries,” Roads & Kingdoms
The Roads & Kingdoms crew recently landed in Sicily. Check out their dispatches on pasta alla norma, jetty-jumping in Cefalú, and grilled horsemeat in Catania. —Jen Murphy

Traditional Vacation Is Dead. Long Live Vacation,” Fast Company
A short, provocative piece about the relationship between “work” and “vacation,” and the need for new nomenclature. At AFAR, we’ve been cultivating a philosophical alternative to the notion of “vacation” in terms of travel; this introduces a different twist. —Derk Richardson 

From Food Porn To Food Mourn: The 101 Saddest Photos on Instagram,” Buzzfeed
Instagram can’t save us all! There’s still plenty of bad food photography out there (but never, never on AFAR.com!). —Lauren Nicholl

Starved for Attention
An amazing campaign through Doctors without Borders. The videos are powerful, the photos and stories bring to life the honesty of the world’s most underserved and impoverished regions. A striking reminder that travel is a privilege, and travelers who see the world also carry the responsibility to tell the untold the stories and try to understand as many perspectives as possible. —Sakhi Vyas