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Belize Diary Entry #1,” Trail of Crumbs
I always knew Belize was a mecca for diving and nature, but never thought it was a destination for great food. Trail of Crumbs’ posts from their week-long eating tour through Belize (image shown above) made me hungry. Belizean specialties like “shake and bake” chicken, fry jacks, and sweet corn coladas (a spin on pina coladas) sound delicious. —Jen Murphy

Fair and Square,” Saveur
Roadfood warriors Jane and Michael Stern hit the Minnesota State Fair. —Shelley Tatum Kieran

Owl, Pussycat,” Harvard Magazine
One of the 19th century’s great travelers was Edward Lear, who wrote “The Owl and the Pussycat.” Turns out he was also an expert painter of parrots. His bird work came after “he was making small change selling drawings to stagecoach passengers in inn yards and doing drawings of diseased flesh for hospitals and doctors.” —Jeremy Saum 

A Reporter at Odds,” The New Yorker
Jane Kramer, a New Yorker staff writer and author of Europeans, wrestles with the idea of traveling without a reporting assignment and relays her struggles as she reluctantly surrenders her anonymity to become a “tourist.” —Dinesh Kapoor

Why I Talk to Americans about Food,” Gilt Taste
This makes me want to talk with Francis Lam about food—and about assimilation, and cultural identity, and pork and pickles. But not about football. Because he might be part of my salad, but my salad doesn’t include football. —Davina Baum

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Austerity Bites: How the Remedy May Just Make Things Worse for Spain,” Time
Lisa Abend, who recently wrote about the festival of San Fermin (and the running of the bulls) live in Madrid, and has been reporting on the financial crisis in Spain. This is her latest, on the potential impact of austerity measures. —Derk Richardson

Commuters Pedal to Work on Their Very Own Superhighway,” New York Times
AFAR contributor Sally McGrane takes you for a ride on Copenhagen’s bicycle “superhighway.” Turns a commute into something beautiful, healthy, and fun. Great, Danes! —Jeremy Saum

Will you still medal in the morning?” ESPN
Let the games begin! Athletes dish on the wild side of the Olympic Village. —Jen Murphy

Andrew Harper’s App Points the Way in Paris,” New York Times’ In Transit Blog
I’m planning an anniversary trip to Paris in September, and I recently downloaded several city-centric apps, including the new one from Patricia Wells. I just added this one, thanks to the tip from AFAR contributor Elaine Glusac. —Julia Cosgrove

Home,” Esquire
This award-winning feature (published in 2004) chronicles the journey of two American astronauts as they find themselves stranded in space, with no ride home. —Justine Quart

Experience Newly Open Burma Before the Crush,” SF Chronicle
David Farley went to Burma and advises you do, too, by 2013 at the latest. —Derk Richardson

Brigitte Lacombe: Hey’Ya,” The Nowness
The Nowness has a slideshow of Brigitte Lacombe’s gorgeous portraits of Arab women in sport. —Jen Murphy

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To Make America Great Again, We Need To Leave the Country,” The Atlantic
Elliot Gerson makes the case for how one of our travel mantras – that there is value in seeing things from different perspectives – can make an impact on a practical level at home. —Kareem Yasin

Photo from Trail of Crumbs.

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