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Reclaiming Travel,” New York Times
In the Opinionator column in the New York Times, an Amherst professor and the editor of the literary journal Habitus persuasively argue that “travel is a search for meaning, not only in our own lives, but also in the lives of others. The humility required for genuine travel is exactly what is missing from its opposite extreme, tourism.” —Julia Cosgrove

Photographers Display Images as One: Boundaries,” Resource
McNair Evans, who shot our “Playing by Heart” feature about the Asheville bluegrass scene (image above), is part of a show at Book & Job Gallery in San Francisco, opening on July 14th. —Tara Guertin

The Shock of the Old,” Wall Street Journal
Having just visited China, I found AFAR contributor Tony Perrottet’s story on one man’s quest to preserve China’s ancient heritage completely compelling. I’m ready to book a return trip just to check out the Jinze project, which Perrottet describes as equal parts conceptual art project, arts center, rural retreat, academic facility, and community center. —Jen Murphy

Relativistic Baseball,” What If?
A different kind of travel: What would happen if a baseball traveled at nearly the speed of light? And does the batter get to advance to first base if he’s atomized? —Derk Richardson

How All 50 States Got Their Names,” Mental Floss
If you’re a trivia junkie like me, you’ll enjoy this. —Kareem Yasin

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Behind the Lens: Jim Richardson’s Dance with Scotland,” Intelligent Travel
I enjoyed reading about photographer Jim Richardson’s experience in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides archipelago, which he shot for the August/September issue of National Geographic Traveler. Stormy skies, wild horses roaming rugged coastlines, and inns and pubs in remote peninsulas captured Richardson’s imagination. —Serena Renner

Wake Up Madagascar: Jaojoby, Razia and More Tour US to Save Forests,” Afropop Worldwide
Musicians in Madagascar are moving to save the forests on that beleaguered island, and they’re bringing their Wake Up Madagascar tour to North America this month. —Derk Richardson

The Conversationalist
Daniel Baylis traveled around the world for one year, and it only cost him $14,000. His blog recaps his travels from his home in Canada to destinations such as Australia, Laos, and Israel. —Jason Seldon

Rites of Way: Behind the Pilgrimage Revival,” Guardian (UK)
Author and wanderer Robert Macfarlane asks, “why the contemporary passion for pilgrimage?” Through both historical research and first hand experience, Macfarlane investigates travelers’ growing obsession with traveling the slow way: by foot. —Justine Quart

I Used to Love Her, But I Had to Flee Her: On Leaving New York,” Gawker
Cord Jefferson explains why he had to flee New York even though he loves the city. —Jason Seldon

Hot Dog Country,” Cool Hunting
Cool Hunting honors America with this artistic ode to the hot dog. —Jen Murphy

Translating Respect,” Worldhum
Lost and found in translation. Explaining Otis Redding’s “Respect,” as sung by Aretha Franklin, to Nigerians learning Italian. —Derk Richardson

Sending Socks to North Korea by Balloon,” Matador Network
At Korea’s DMZ, a northern defector runs a program to deliver socks to the needy back home … by balloon. —Kareem Yasin

Photo by McNair Evans.

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