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It’s ship week here at AFAR HQ—we’re sending the July/August issue off to the printer—so not a lot of pleasure reading is going on. Nevertheless, here are a few things that have caught our eye—and inspired wanderlust or just hunger—this week.

How the Taco Gained in Translation,” New York Times
Julia Moskin reports from San Bernardino, the Southern California birthplace of the fast-food taco—and my mom! —Julia Cosgrove

How Creativity Works in Cities,” Atlantic Cities
Jonah Lehrer talks to Richard Florida about cities as “sonic blenders” —Jeremy Saum

American Photography 28
The latest edition of this prestigious photography prize includes AFAR photographers Tara Donne, Aya Brackett, Per-Anders Pettersson, Joao Canziani, Q. Sakamaki, Jeff Minton, Rebecca Greenfield, Gillian Laub, Jake Stangel, and Justin Mott. —Tara Guertin

Notes from Paris and London,” Ruth Reichl
Former Gourmet Editor in Chief and author Ruth Reichl shares notes from a recent trip to Paris and London, where she discovered the English are making better croissants than the French. Quelle horreur!Julia Cosgrove

Mexico City Beats,” Inside Mexico
Exploring the Beat legacy in Mexico City. (Thanks to Kristin Zibell for the link!) —Davina Baum

Fathom for Kate Spade City Guides,” Kate Spade
Our friends at Fathom have teamed up with Kate Spade to provide these great city guides—with more cities coming soon. —Davina Baum

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Why You Should Travel to Egypt Right Now,” Matador Network
About how surprisingly welcoming Egypt is to visitors these days, what exploring practically empty museums is like, and the measures the government is taking to ensure tourists’ safety. —Kareem Yasin

Eating All Around the World with Ozomatli,” Gourmet Live
AFAR contributing writer Matt Gross talks to Ozomatli about the challenges—and pleasures—of eating on tour. —Davina Baum

Finnish Singer Mirel Wagner Takes Inspiration from the Blues,” The World
Mirel Wagner, a Finnish singer of Ethiopian descent, takes inspiration from Skip James and Robert Johnson. Her sound is bluesy, sparse, and rather morose. —Derk Richardson 

What Happens When Your Epic Journey Ends, and All That’s Changed is the Scenery?” 7×7 magazine
AFAR contributing writer Chris Colin reminds us that our travel experiences don’t always have to shake the earth (or hotel beds) beneath us. (AFAR deputy editor Jen Murphy shares Cambodia travel tips in the same issue.) —Serena Renner

Sierra Leone: A Traveler’s Perspective,” Eat Your World
The first in a series from Eat Your World, aimed at getting Sierra Leone on travelers’ radars. —Jen Murphy

Photo by Karen Dion, Matador Network.