Fiji is a good option, we'd say.

How AFAR staffers would choose to spend the $1.5 billion if they'd picked the right numbers.

Admit it: You've daydreamed about what you'd do if you won the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot. Part of the fun of buying a lottery ticket is that daydreamy feeling—it gives your brain permission to wander into the adventures, the opportunities, the possessions of the richer you. Of course, our first priority would be booking the trip of a lifetime. Here's where we'd go if we win the big time.

“After the bank, then a safari in Botswana or a small-ship expedition cruise along Newfoundland, Labrador and on to Greenland.” —John Newton, branded content contributor

“First I would do a tour de force of every Aman hotel around the world. Then I would go to Bhutan, because money doesn’t necessarily equal happiness (but it’s certainly nice!). Last, I would end in Mumbai for a healthy dose of reality.” —Julia Cosgrove, editor in chief

I would sign up for an Antarctic expedition, South African safari, and a gorilla trek in Uganda and Rwanda.” —Michaela Trimble, brand manager

Australia and New Zealand. Those flights and a long trip down there would finally be within range!”—Juliette San Fillipo, associate marketing manager

“Seriously, I’d probably head straight to Antarctica (along with half of AFAR, by the looks of things) and then, you know, work my way up…” —Nick Rowlands, guides editor

I’d pack up and do a five-star tour of Southeast Asia for a few months—Bali, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia.” —Katie Galeotti, marketing & special projects director

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Some extravagant island hopping…between the Galapagos, Easter Island, and Chiloe.” —Kate Appleton, branded content director

“I'd probably start in Australia, then trek in New Zealand and work my way through islands in the South Pacific... and then continue around the world.” —Samantha Juda, audience development

“the Falkland Islands, Easter island, Fiji, Japan (probably won't ever leave from there). if I do, I’d do Korea” —Cricket Wallace, developer

“I’d buy a travel company or two.  Then hire someone to run them and take off to somewhere remote.” —Lou LaGrange, business development director: content licensing

“I’d buy two vintage private rail cars, refurbish them, and travel by train across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Then I’d put one of them in the back yard at my house for guests.” —Derek Butcher, Chief Technology Officer

“I want the most baller of airstreams done up and drive around the U.S. as long as i want and then go to Japan. And only come back once the compound I bought in the Hollywood Hills is done with renovations.—Elizabeth Olson, creative director

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