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What to Do before Summer’s Over

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Not sure what to do before summer’s over? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

It’s July, which means summer is basically over. Well, that’s how it feels, anyway. July is the point where the warm weather starts to fly by, and before you know it, you’re digging out your smart sweaters, boots, and light jackets for fall. Now’s the time to do everything you wanted to do this summer while it’s still beautiful outside. Here are our suggestions for what to do around the world before summer’s over (in the northern hemisphere, of course).

1. Go to a baseball game
Nothing says “summer” like going to a baseball game. Grab a hat, a mitt, a hot dog, and a beer, and head to the nearest ballpark to cheer on your team. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
Photo by Christina Saull

2. Pitch a tent
The great outdoors is especially great when it’s warm. These 49 spots around the world are some of our absolute favorite places to set up camp.
Photo by Tom Marchant

3. Lace up those hiking boots
You don’t have to stay overnight to truly experience nature. These hikes around the world are stunning and don’t take more than a day to complete.
Photo by Bronwen Gregory

4. Find your beach
Sure, you could jet off to the French Riviera or head to a Thai island. Us? We’ll be spreading our towels down on the United States’ shores at one of these 24 gorgeous domestic beaches.
Photo by Adrian Stoian

5. Hop on your bicycle
From San Francisco to Hanoi, here are the places we love to bike the most. And don’t worry—Copenhagen is on our list.
Photo by Joseph Cyr

6. Look up
Is it us, or is summer the best time to see shooting stars and other galactic phenomenon? Here are 25 places where the sky is luminous at night.
Photo by Flash Parker

7. Drink a beer
Beer: The official drink of summer. Here are eight outstanding beer gardens that also happen to be outdoors—so you can soak up the rays while you soak up your favorite brew.
Photo by Ariel Ramchandani

8. Enjoy the view
Speaking of drinking outdoors, why not take your cocktail with a view? These 34 rooftop bars are the ultimate places for ogling your surroundings.
Photo by Charissa Fay

9. Get out the picnic blanket
All you need is a friend, a bottle of rosé, some bread and cheese, and great tunes for a memorable picnic. But it’ll be better if it’s in one of these 15 places.
Photo by Charissa Fay

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