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What Designer Elisabeth Weinstock Wears to Stay Chic and Comfy on a Plane

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Comfort is an obvious priority when you’re dressing for a flight—especially a long one. But do you have to sacrifice style? Designer Elisabeth Weinstock doesn’t think so. And with her line of gorgeous snakeskin bags and accessories, it’s pretty obvious that she’s always looking like a boss. But what else does she wear? Here’s her take on the perfect in-flight outfit.

1. Workhorse Jeans
“My typical outfit is a pair of jeans, I usually wear simple blue Re/Done jeans. They’re redone Levi’s, fit to a modern day style.”

2. Cool, Comfy Kicks
“I’ll wear sneakers, maybe Y-3’s or Golden Goose. They’re my signature and staple, and so comfortable.”

3. A Roomy Top Layer
“I love wearing a cashmere sweater on a plane. I’ll wear anything from a J. Crew to a Rick Owens cashmere sweater. They’re just so easy to move in, and so cozy. A T-shirt is another good option. It depends if I’m getting off the plane and going straight to work or not. Either way, I’ll throw on my black Balenciaga leather jacket.”

4. A Big, Soft Scarf
“It’s so important to have an extra layer. I’ll never leave home for a trip without a Sarti scarf. They’re big, long, and very lightweight and are so comfortable that sometimes I curl it up and use it as a pillow. Which is great in a plane, obviously. Sometimes there’s a draft.”

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5. The Ultimate Carry-All
“I carry my big backpack [pictured above]. Everything fits in it: my computer, magazines, a book, headphones, all of that. And I’m good to go.”

What’s Weinstock’s next trip? “Cuba! I’m so excited to really explore that area. I think it’s going to completely change and become Americanized before we blink, and I really want to see it before it changes.” Will she stay in Havana? “Honestly I don’t know yet. I’m so excited to find out.” One thing is sure: She’ll look fabulous en route.

Photo courtesy Elisabeth Weinstock

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