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What AFAR Loves Most About Travel

By Maggie Fuller

Sep 29, 2015

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There is no wrong reason to want to discover the world. Quite the opposite, in fact. From participating in cultural exchange to digging into history, and from awe-inspiring sights to that ineffable need to be on the move, there are almost too many reasons to love travel. When we asked AFAR staffers what they love most about travel, we found that it’s hard to just pick one thing. Here are some of our thoughts—let us know your favorite things about travel on Facebook.

We’re thrill-seekers looking to dive into the unknown (to us).

“Traveling to new destinations, I find myself and I find the world.There is nothing that can make me feel livelier! The fear of being alone in a new place, the excitement of my discoveries, the wander consumed by my heart, the stretching of my mind…No feeling is comparable.”—Rachel Novick, Sales Coordinator

“I love that when you are traveling, everything that can sometimes feel mundane—going to pharmacy, buying lunch, figuring out public transportation—becomes fascinatingly, well, ‘foreign.’ Your eyes are often open in a way they aren’t when you are ‘at home.'”—John Newton, Senior Editor, Branded Content

“To me, travel is a chance to expand my own world, and a wake-up call that the world is much bigger than me. Plus, that feeling when I’m setting off on a trip—the feeling of the great, hulking unknown—is exhilarating.”—Danielle Walsh, Associate Editor

“The excitement of the unknown, meeting all kinds of interesting local people, personal self-discovery, and the beautiful time of reflection.”—Onnalee MacDonald, West Coast Sales Director

We love the excitement of exploring new things.

“I love meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and being able to experience life in a different way.”—Erin Jeffery, Marketing Coordinator

“I like the excitement/fear you get when you first arrive somewhere you’ve never been before and you’re just trying to make sure you don’t look like a jerk to all the locals. But then you realize, what the hell, and just roll with it anyway.”—Laura Simkins, COO

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“The intoxicating disorientation of the unfamiliar.”—Nick Rowlands, Guides Editor

“I love getting out of the norm, exploring new areas I haven’t before, seeing new perspectives and cultures, tasting different food and cuisines. I love all of it!!”—Denise Hoo, Digital Ad Operations Manager

“Exploration and discovery. If I ever got a tattoo, it might say simply ‘Consume Culture'”—Barry Brown, Executive Sales Director

We enjoy broadening our minds while broadening our horizons.

“I most love how travel changes the way I view the world, and my place within it.”—Bryan Kinkade, Associate Publisher

“Learning about the people, places, culture and world in general.”—Maci Wachtel, Integrated Marketing Manager

“When I travel, my brain is always engaged—architecture, language, history, local politics, food, scenery, transit/getting around—there’s always something to think about.”—Derek Butcher, Chief Technology Officer, VP Digital

“Continually learning.” —Greg Sullivan, CEO/Co-Founder

“I like travel’s ability to help you relate with other people and change your perspective on those around you and yourself.”—Grace Montgomery, Marketing Coordinator – Afar Collection

We crave the space that it gives us for reflexion and perspective.

“Travel gives you perspective, wisdom, and confidence.”—Lou LaGrange, Business Development Director

“The possibilities it poses. Travel can change your life in a second. A great trip offers you the time and space to think differently about what you have and what you want.”—Julia Cosgrove, VP, Editor in Chief

“I love travel because it’s a way to experience other cultures in such a meaningful way. When you’re on the best kind of trip, you free your mind of any hindrance to creativity and expression. You can take everything in as it is, and appreciate the landscape and people for the beauty they exude.”—Michaela Trimble, Brand Manager

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“Reminding myself that there is so much more to this world than my world. When you get away from your everyday, all of sudden nothing is too overwhelming and I can breathe again. Plus, I love that money turns into Monopoly Money when I travel, ‘I’m only here once…buy it, do it, see it, experience it… I’ll figure how to pay for it later.’ Probably not the best habit, but makes for much better travel experiences.”—Kate Hornsby, Luxury Sales Director

We love that feeling of freedom.

“Travel lets me exercise an open mind and is my ultimate state of freedom. I relish that untouchable feeling that comes with leaving what you know behind and just pursuing whatever it is that feeds your soul. For me, that’s nature and culture.”—Juliette San Fillipo, Associate Marketing Manager

“Traveling broadens my perspective to include others, makes me feel FREE, gets me out of my routines, and relaxes the grip that all my responsibilities have on me.”—Colleen Schoch, Sales Manager, Southeast

And of course, we’re in it for the food.

“Trying new food! Is there another possible answer here?”—Maggie Gould, Executive Director, Marketing

“I love nothing more than when I make a new friend in a new place. And I love being a cultural anthropologist through the lens of food.”—Jennifer Flowers, Deputy Editor

“The food, the memories, meeting people and the solitude to reflect and think.”—Chris Udemeze, Senior Graphic Designer

“Living and working in New York City, it’s easy to get caught up in my own small world, and I think sometimes I forget how small it really is. Traveling takes me out of that place and provides insight into the lives of others, inspiration, and enlightenment. I think it makes me a better listener and a better learner, and it broadens my perspective. That and the food obviously.”—Lily Soysal, Integrated Marketing Director

“I most love getting away from the day-to-day routine (and finding new routines, based on new cultures), and eating all of the new things.”—Davina Baum, Director of Digital Content

“I love being reminded that everyone in the world is fundamentally the same – we share the same struggles, we laugh at the same things, we are all just trying to bring joy to one another’s lives. We are all human, none of us are infallible, and we all love to eat.”—Jill Greenwood, Director, Afar Experiences

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