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We’ve been doing a lot of thinking about experiential travel. It’s something you can feel, see, smell, and maybe even eat; it’s something that immerses you in another culture, so that when you go home, you can bring a little piece with you.

At AFAR, our mission is to help you #TravelDeeper. So we’re teaming up with Quarterly Co. to bring AFAR into your home with a box packed with travel gear, stylish essentials, and exclusive hotel deals, as well as items we feature in the pages of our magazine and rare finds we pick up on our travels. Each box will be $150, but the goods inside will be valued at way, way more than that. And each one will be like a box full of birthday surprises for anyone who loves to travel.

But first, for this to happen, we need your help.

We need you to tell Quarterly that you’re interested in becoming a deeper traveler with this box. All you have to do? Click here and enter your email. That’s it—no need to buy anything, no need to take a survey. It takes a couple seconds, and it’ll help us start a new chapter of experiential travel at AFAR. Let’s do this together!

Are you in? Tell us here!

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