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Wandering Chef: David Myers in Tokyo

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David Myers, the chef at Comme Ça, in Los Angeles (he also has an outpost at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas), is a total Japanophile. His passion for all things Japanese led him to open two restaurants at Mitsukoshi Ginza in Tokyo late last year. One is a high-end patisserie called SOLA by David Myers and the second, David Myers Café, is a California-inspired restaurant featuring Japanese ingredients. David and his culinary team make several trips to Tokyo every year. In a city that specializes in everything from cocktails to grilled chicken, it can be hard to find the best of the best. Here, he shares his go-to spots for eating and drinking.

Best Yakitori: Toritama
“There are many restaurants dedicated solely to yakitori (grilled chicken) but this one rocks. The dark wood, counter-only space is modern, but traditional at the same time. And they have an incredible boutique shochu selection as well as sake. And of course the yakitori is amazing.”  6-22-19 Shirokane, Minato-ku; 81/(3)5795-2950.


Best Cocktails: Star Bar Ginza
“This small bar is all about the fruit cocktails. Whatever is in season, they craft a very special fruit-based drink that is unlike anything you have ever had. They are serious about cocktails. Not to mention the location in the Sankosha Building is incredible.” 1-5-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku; 81/(3)3535-8005.

Best Soba: Honmura An
“Based in Ropponghi Hills, this uber-modern soba house features house-made soba cut by hand. Get it cold with grated mountain yam.” 7-14-18 Roppongi, Minato-ku, 81/(3) 5772-6657.

Best High-End Sushi: Sushi Shin
“This 12-seat bar has a zen-like atmosphere and you will eat the best sushi of your life. They have an exquisite selection. Be sure to start with tsumami (appetizers) and order some sake. You get to pick out the cup you want to use.” Nishi-Azabu Building, XI 3F, 4-3-10 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku; 81/(3) 5485-0031.


Best Cheap Sushi: Sushi Dai at Tsujiki Fish Market
This is an experience to not miss. Open only early morning from 5am to 12pm. Be sure to get in line around 4:30am, have a beer, and then go to fish market afterwards. Clearly this is the closest you can get to uber-fresh fish.”  Building no. 6, 3rd alley, 3rd shop on the right, Tsujiki Fish Market; 81/(3)  3547-6797.

Best Tea Experience: Higashiya
“This place has modern, hip Japanese design and jeweler-like precision when it comes to brewing tea. The tea selection is amazing but it’s all about the preparation. The counter was specifically made for serving tea.” 1-13-12 Aobadai Meguro-ku; 81/(3) 5428-1717.

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