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Urban Light at LACMA: The World’s Most Instagrammable Place?

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It’s always happening: While scrolling through our Instagram feeds, we come upon a shot of gorgeous white lamp posts lined up like soldiers. Yes, it’s a dreamy backdrop for the perfect snap; but it’s also an art installation called “Urban Light” by late artist Chris Burden at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA to locals). We’re always double-tapping these beautiful shots, so we’re naming it one of the most Instagrammable places in the world. Check out nine of our favorite shots, below.

1. @rebecca.brave (above)
Those red shorts really pop against the stark white pillars of those lights.

2. @Tryahlove
We’re all about yoga, anywhere, any time—especially with a backdrop like this.
3. @trusthopelove
Is it just us, or is this installation a great place to sneak in a little subtle PDA?

4. @po.stagram
Black and white looks really good on these.

5. @cloud_hopper
The view from below.

6. @jazzy56
We love this installation this much, too.

7. @michellenwonderland
This reminds us of that really annoying Windows 98 freeze thing.


8. @dilfan
Those white lamp posts echo the LA palm trees.


9. @arianne.maningding
See what we mean?

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