We're showing you around an island paradise today—in real time.

Lush marine life. More than 55 nationalities. A UNESCO World Heritage capital city. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been dropping hints about where we’re headed. Have you guessed…? It’s Curaçao!

We just wrapped up our first live broadcast from this southern Caribbean island on AFAR’s Facebook Page—and we’ll be back for two more segments today at 3:30pm and 6:30 ET. Tune in to learn about Curaçao’s history, interact directly with locals, and experience popular attractions. Feel free to chime in too: All comments and questions posted to Facebook will qualify users to be entered to win a trip to Curaçao. (The sweepstakes is open until April 22, 2017, with winners revealed by April 26, 2017.)

In our first Facebook Live segment, streamed from downtown Willemstad at 12pm ET, our host Chanelle de Lau, Miss Curaçao 2016, took us for a stroll along Queen Emma Bridge. It connects the Punda and the Otrobanda neighborhoods and is one of the only floating wooden bridges in the world. 

Viewers soaked up panoramas of the Willemstad waterfront’s Dutch-style homes and learned the story behind their rainbow of colors. Chanelle also pointed out the recent addition of love locks along the waterfront and talked about her favorite hometown haunts and dishes like pumpkin pancakes. 

Chanelle will take us deeper into Curaçao in our next two Facebook Live segments, showcasing the island’s heritage and natural wonders—and getting us to a picture-perfect spot in time for sunset.

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To follow along and discover what’s happening right now in Curaçao, just head to AFAR’s Facebook Page at 3:30pm and 6:30pm ET today. See you there!