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This week’s edition of Travel Videos Worth a Damn is all about experience—the personal experience of a place, both in terms of its community and its physical surroundings, coming together in perfect harmony. First up, take a look at how a community in rural Oregon found new inspiration with a closer examination of its roots. Next, go around the world in 60 seconds with Rick Mereki. Experience a snapshot of Bali, and get an insider’s look at live in Sydney.

You may never have heard of Oakridge, Oregon before, but it’ll be on your radar after this video—facing a major economic downturn after the decline of the timber industry in the area, the community banded together to make the most of their natural resources and interests in a way that has revitalized the town:

It may not be in-depth, but it’s certainly a thorough look at a year’s worth of travel in sixty seconds. Rick Mereki’s trip around the world is not for the epileptic, but certainly eye-catching:

Stephan Kot’s “Postcard from Bali” is an intimate experience—it’s impossible not to have a sense for the lushness of the Balinese countryside, the beauty of its people, and the richness of its culture after watching this atmospheric gem:

Not to play too heavily on the word experience, but our intrepid leaders are currently in Australia gearing up for AFAR Experiences Sydney, led by executive director Nina Dietzel. This video provides an insider’s view of one of the most famous swimming clubs in Sydney—the Bondi Icebergs:

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If you have a video that you think is worth a damn, send it to us (community@afar.com). We’re on the hunt for videos that inspire, make us think, open our eyes and get us dreaming.

Photo by Logan Carter on AFAR