This week’s edition of Travel Videos Worth a Damn is all about the season. Spring is in the air, so it’s time to get outside and immerse ourselves in the splendor and beauty of our world. Oh, and because it’s spring, we had to pay homage to a fertility festival too. And if you have a video that you think is worth a damn, send it to us ( We’re on the hunt for videos that inspire, make us think, open our eyes and get us dreaming.

“Made in Iceland” from Klara Harden: In the summer of 2011 Klara Harden hiked through Iceland—alone. She made a film about her journey and it became the official selection of the The Norwegian Mountain Film Festival. Maybe it’s time for all of us to venture out on our own for a bit.

“Kanamara Matsuri” from Anthony Trotter: Can you say “penis?” The Kanamara Matsuri festival can. At the beginning of every spring in Kawasaki, Japan this Shinto “Festival of the Steel Phallus” pays homage to fertility. Curious? Attend next year’s festival, taking place on April 6.

“Manifesto by Quechua” from Capsus Films: How often do you get to watch a Chinese shoe commercial that also makes you want to get into nature? This short clip by Capsus captures the spirit of the outdoors.

Do you know South Korea? Spend some time with this video and you’re bound to have a better understanding. This clip by David Dutton will get you beneath the surface of this vibrant country and traveling in the company of locals. Time to go for a ride.

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Photo by Swati Verma on AFAR