The whole eatery was built around Instagram-worthy aesthetics.

Some restaurants scoff at social media maniacs whipping out smartphones and snapping pix to share during meal service. 

Dirty Bones, an American restaurant in London, is not one of those spots.

Quite the contrary, the eatery’s newest location in Soho this week started handing out special Instagram “kits” to help diners enhance their #foodporn pictures. Each kit includes a portable LED light, a multi-device charger, a clip-on wide-angle lens, a tripod, and a selfie stick. According to an article on Mic, kits are free to any diner who requests one, and diners can keep them for the duration of the meal.

Another story, this one on Metro UK, notes that the new restaurant was designed with Instagram in mind. Case in point: The space features floor-to-ceiling bookcases in front of which guests can pose, and neon signs with Instagram-friendly platitudes such as “Good vibes only,” “Keeping it real,” and “It was all a dream.”

Thankfully, the food lends itself to all the attention. Dishes are artfully plated and feature inventive spins on American favorites such as cheeseburger dumplings and fried balls of macaroni and cheese. 

Even the drinks are creative and photogenic: the Dirty Mary is a Bloody Mary with pickle juice and “sour cream Pringles” on the rim, while The Fab is a gin-based cocktail with a rim ringed with thousands of little spherical sprinkles. 

Don’t take our word for it, though. Check out the restaurant’s Instagram feed.

Naturally, any sort of promotion that includes free Instagram kits to some diners begs the questions: What about people who show up at the restaurant and aren’t into Instagramming their meals? The Mic article quotes Cokey Sulkin, the restaurant’s founder and director of operations, as saying that he kept the hardware packages small so they wouldn’t detract from the overall experience for guests who aren’t interested.

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