A Double Shack burger in bed: a dream realized

Chicago Athletic Association has debuted the beloved burger chain’s first in-room dining menu.

The hotel room-service burger can be hit-and-miss. We’ve had some delicious ones (we’re looking at you, Breslin burger at The Ace in New York City) and we’ve had some pretty terrible ones. Many try to chef-ify the burgers, with additions like blue cheese, inventive sauces, and even truffles. We appreciate the effort, but sometimes, you just want a damn burger—no bells and whistles—after a long flight or a long day.  Well, we now know where we can find the most reliably awesome one: the Shake Shack room service menu at the Chicago Athletic Association.

You read that right: You can now lounge in bed in a robe, pick up the phone, and have a Double Shack Burger, crinkle-cut french fries, and a peanut butter Concrete delivered to the exact spot where you're laying. Starting August 31, the Chicago Athletic Association is the first property in the world to offer an in-room dining menu featuring this beloved American burger chain. If you’re staying there, you have the incredible privilege of not waiting in that famously long line, getting bumped by tray-toting customers and teased by the delicious aroma of grass-fed beef patties sizzling on a griddle. That, ladies and gentlemen, is luxury.

This news comes amid a trend of hotels majorly upping their room-service game, from employing celebrity chefs like Mario Batali to offering a personal bartender for intimate hotel-room shindigs.

We’ve already crowned Chicago one of the best burger towns in the country; this new addition just solidifies its meaty dominance. Our question is: How did a New York City hotel not think of this genius idea years ago?

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