These are the globetrotters who will inspire your next trip.

Our mission at AFAR is to inspire journeys that allow travelers to connect with the people in a destination, experience their cultures in an immersive way, and leave with an understanding of their perspectives. Oftentimes, finding these rich travel experiences has less to do with where you go—and everything to do with how you travel. That’s why we’ve called upon the globetrotters we admire most to join an ongoing conversation we're calling AFAR Insiders, a newly launched series that reveals the people, places, things, and experiences they value most when they’re out exploring the world. It could be celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson on his current obsession with Peruvian food, Crystal Cruises CEO Edie Rodriguez revealing the one travel souvenir she’d save in a fire, or Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia describing how he’s practiced jiu-jitsu in dojos all over the world. But we’ve only scratched the surface. Stay tuned for the compelling Proust-style interviews we’ll be publishing throughout the year as weekly AFAR Insiders installments—and let these notable travelers inspire you.

See how the world's tastemakers travel with AFAR Insiders