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These 9 Airline Posters Will Take You Straight Back to 1950

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United, 1955

We know the golden era of air travel wasn’t a total glamour fest (how was smoking on planes ever a thing?) but we’re not above daydreaming about the days when flying felt like more of an affair—no sweatpants allowed. That’s what we’re doing when looking at these airline posters from the new book Airline Visual History by M.C. Hüne. It’s an inspiringly deep dive into the aviation artists and cultural trends behind those beautifully designed Mad Men-like posters that were ubiquitous from the ’50s through the ’70s. Here, 10 we wish would fly our way again.


Pan Am, 1969


TWA, 1956

AF Nr_197

Air France, 1953 (Raymond Gid)


Canadian Pacific, 1957 (Peter Ewart)


United, 1962


BOAC, 1950 (Frank Wootton)


Continental, 1969

Aeroflot Plakate 1965_Seite_1

Aeroflot, 1965 (A. Labunsky)

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All photos courtesy of Callisto Publishers. © 2014 Callisto Publishers GmbH, Berlin, Germany

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