Over the centuries, the compelling story of Charleston has unspooled with chapters involving pirates and privateers, brutal wars, colonists and settlers, and more. The city has long been the setting for plantation owners getting wealthy through the labor of enslaved Africans and refugees finding a new home, as well as eras of peace and prosperity, a lively cultural scene, and an active community that gives back.

This dramatic past is reflected in modern Charleston, a city with serene church steeples and renowned restaurants serving traditional recipes handed down for generations. The historic buildings still bear the scars of cannonballs, and local makers still weave sweetgrass baskets and harvest sea salt. 

This once-small port town has become a major tourist destination, drawing visitors who come to explore the past and learn about its present. We've gathered the city's best, so your time in Charleston can be rich and full of local flavor.

9 Iconic Charleston Experiences


In the spring, Charleston is at peak color.
When to visit Charleston
Spring comes early to the coastal south, with daffodils bobbing in gardens by late February and vivid azaleas blazing away not long afterwards. Spring and fall are prime time for festivals and events because of milder temperatures, so those seasons are great for visits. Summer can be oppressively hot, but the local beaches are lovely. Winter requires coats, but also means you'll see Charleston without crowds, experience local events and enjoy a mellower pace. Honestly, if you don't mind missing the beach and the gardens in bloom, winter may be the best time to witness Charleston at its best.
Boroughs, Beaches, and Kings: A Guide to Charleston's Neighborhoods

Getting around town
Charleston International Airport (CHS) is about 20 minutes from downtown. You can easily get a local cab or rideshare driver (Uber and Lyft both operate here) for around $30. The historic area is very walkable, and the local bikeshare, Holy Spokes, currently has 27 docks and plans to expand further up the peninsula, so bikes are also a viable form of transportation during your visit. Rideshares are relatively cheap and plentiful within the city and far easier than finding parking.

Absolute must-dos in Charleston
- Eat a lot of biscuits. Drink a lot of cocktails. The food scene in Charleston—from traditional Southern dishes to the work of chefs looking to make a name for themselves on the international culinary map—merits a visit on its own.
- Tour a historic house. The Edmondston-Alston House, a Greek Revival beauty with views across the harbor and a colorful history, is a favorite of ours.
- Walk the streets South of Broad, peeking through iron fences to the beautifully maintained homes, make your way down to the Battery to see the cannons turned to the sea, and back up along the river to visit the painted ladies of Rainbow Row.
- Visit Charleston's Saturday Farmers' Market in Marion Square to see not only the bounty of regional produce but also the food trucks, musicians, and the tables full of the wares by local makers and craftspeople.

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