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The Right Glass for the Right Beer

By AFAR Staff


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The range of Belgian beers has spawned an equally vast range of beer glasses. Many brewers produce their own glasses, designed specifically to bring out the best in their brews. Here are just a few styles you’ll find in a good Belgian beer bar. And for more on Belgian beer, see “Tapping the Essence of Belgium.”

Drinkers hold the long stem to avoid heating the beer with their hands. 100411beerglass2.jpg FLUTE
The narrow glass prevents carbonation from escaping too quickly. Flutes are the glass of choice for champagne-like brut biers 100411beerglass3.jpg POKAL
Used mostly for pilsners and fruit beers, the shape of this glass is designed to show off color and bubbles while retaining a nice head. 100411beerglass4.jpg HEXAGONAL
Associated with wit beers (Hoegaarden is the most popular), the shape reduces the surface area that touches the drinker’s hand. 100411beerglass5.jpg WEIZEN
Wider at the top than at the base, this glass is meant to retain the aromas of the beer and allow for the thick heads often produced by German-style wheat beers. 100411beerglass6.jpg CHALICE
The shape of choice for Trappist beers, the wide mouth allows the beer to breathe and offers up an aromatic nose.

Illustrations by Sean Otto. This story appeared in the November/December 2011 issue.

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