If festivalgoers descending on a desert location bring to mind raucous crowds and over-sharing on Instagram, let us paint you the picture of Restival. This immersive new event concept—the self-described love child of a retreat and festival—takes a refreshing and AFAR-like approach.

Each exclusive gathering is held in partnership with an indigenous culture in a spectacular destination. The first Restival unfolded last fall among the Berber tribes of Morocco’s Sahara Desert; it heads to the Painted Desert of Arizona for five nights this September; and then on to the majestic forests of Swedish Lapland. 

Through interaction with groups like the Berber, Navajo, and Sami that still live closely with nature, Restival encourages you to reimagine the world from a fresh and fascinating perspective. 

Inspired by the stress founder Caroline Jones observed in commuters’ faces on the London Underground, Restival provides the needed antidote: a chance to unwind and restore your physical and mental equilibrium in an inspiring and tradition-rich setting. That means having time to relax is an absolute must at Restival as are enriching activities. Each day, you can choose from a variety of retreat experiences, including meditation, yoga, sound gong baths, and therapy treatments from the wellness spa.

Restival also quenches a thirst for discovery with curated workshops and traditional ceremonies. Each exclusive gathering is limited to fewer than 100 guests—people of all ages from around the world—so attention is intimate and welcoming. It also happens to be perfectly suited to the solo traveler.

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While you will explore and experience the natural world up-close, that doesn’t mean Restival calls for roughing it. You can expect the comfort of beautifully designed tents with beds and hot showers as well as nutritious, organic meals—prepared by the on-hand chef and paired with your locally sourced beverage of your choice. 

Still, words can’t quite capture the full picture of Restival. To see and experience its impact for yourself, consider joining Restival this September in the Arizona wilderness, a place of outstanding natural beauty, where Navajo ceremonies and their sacred wisdom are rarely, if ever, accessed by outsiders. Restival has been working with the community to glean fascinating insights that will open your mind to the cosmic order of the universe, connect you with nature, and give you peace of mind. 

Ticket prices start at £1,000 ($1,295), which includes daily activities, workshops, five nights’ accommodation, and all your nutritious meals. It’s an incredible not-to-be-missed opportunity, being held September 12-17. Early-bird tickets are available, using the code AFAR with a 20% discount for purchases until July 18; book online at restival.global.