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The Coolest Ways to Experience Iceland—Right Here in the U.S.

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One of many fish courses you can savor at Dill

Flickr: Tyrone Warner

One of many fish courses you can savor at Dill

Icelandphiles take note: Creatives from the isle are taking over America.

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It seems like just about every day there are easier (and cheaper) ways to get to Iceland. But before you plan the big trip halfway across the pond, here are some starter courses in the U.S. to whet your appetite.

New Nordic, New York
In the coming months, Noma's Claus Meyer will open up a new restaurant in Grand Central Market run by chef Gunnar Gíslason. If his restaurant, Dill, in Reykjavík, is any indication, expect reindeer dishes, arctic char dressed up with spruce, and real-deal skyr yogurt.

The Coolest Installation at the Coolest Museum of the Year

One wing of the white-hot Broad in Los Angeles is currently devoted to Ragnar Kjartansson's The Visitors video installation. The son of an actress and director, Kjartansson shot friends in nine rooms of a direlict mansion in upstate New York (in various states of undress) while they plucked instruments. The result: a 64-minute, continuous take from nine different places in the house that comes together into one gorgeous listen.

Vintage Iceland On Screen

From March 17th to 20th, A Taste of Iceland will take over a handful of venues across town to celebrate new routes between the two destinations. Don't miss the screening of Rokk í Reykjavik at Logan Theatre. The documentary is like a time warp back to the capital's alternative music scene in the 80s—everything from gothy stuff to anarchist punk shows, including an early gig from none other than a 16-year-old (!) Bjork when she was just starting out with the Sugarcubes.

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