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14 TV Shows to Stream That’ll Transport You Around the World

By Ciera Velarde

Mar 25, 2020

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Lose yourself in the globe-trotting drama of “Killing Eve.”

Courtesy of BBC America

Lose yourself in the globe-trotting drama of “Killing Eve.”

Your passport may be out of commission, but binge-watching these TV series will get you traveling the world, right from your living room.

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Social distancing can leave the avid traveler a bit restless. Instead of taking off on your next adventure, you’re stuck wondering when you’ll be able to roam the world again. Luckily, TV streaming services like Netflix or Hulu can help you escape, if only for 30-minute stretches (or, hey, a 10-hour binge!). While we ride out these uncertain times, put on your comfiest pants, fire up your Roku, and visit the Scottish countryside, run the beaches of Monterey, or sample street tacos in Mexico City with these 14 top TV shows to watch right now.

Killing Eve

When Eve, a British intelligence investigator, becomes obsessed by an assassin-for-hire, Villanelle, their cat-and-mouse chase leads the characters through Tuscany, Paris, London, and Romania. The glamorous destinations make this a bingeable spy thriller for travel lovers who crave dark humor, cliffhangers, and dreamy settings.

Watch it: Hulu, YouTube TV


If your family is driving you up the wall, imagine self-quarantining with Succession’s Roy family. This addictive dramedy centers on who will take over a global media and hospitality empire as the family patriarch faces health issues. Because this dysfunctional family is crazy rich, the series transports us to the most exclusive corners of New York City, a sprawling ranch in New Mexico, and even a castle in England. The juicy Season 2 finale takes place on a private yacht in Croatia, so pour yourself some prosecco and lose yourself in someone else’s family drama. 

Watch it: HBO Now, Hulu, YouTube TV

Olivia Colman dazzles as Queen Elizabeth in the third season of

The Crown

Pour yourself a cuppa and don your finest sweatpants, because we’re headed to Buckingham Palace, folks. Well, no filming was actually done in Buckingham Palace, but Lancaster House, Wilton House, and Waddesdon Manor serve as lavish, convincing stand-ins. Get ready to follow the trials and tribulations of the Windsors and get peeks at country-home castles, private train cars, African tree houses, and passels of corgis romping on the moors.

Watch it: Netflix


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Every time a local musician appears onscreen during this series (and they appear a lot), hearing the soulful jazz they play will transport you to New Orleans. Shot entirely on location in the city, Treme’s storyline begins three months after Hurricane Katrina and follows its characters—musicians, bartenders, families—as they try to rebuild their lives. 

Watch it: Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now

Sam Heughan stars in


After just one episode of Outlander, you’ll be eager to traverse the  peaks of Scotland’s evergreen Highlands and drink a wee dram of whisky. This time-travel series, shot on location in Scotland, creates a fantasy world that feels rooted in a real place.

Watch it: StarzNetflix, Hulu, YouTube TV


South England’s Jurassic Coast is the real-life setting for this moody crime drama set in a fictional seaside town. Millions of years of coastal erosion have formed beautiful rock formations along the craggy cliffs and beaches of the region—the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage–recognized area even serves as an important plot device.

Watch it: Netflix

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Ugly Delicious

In each episode of this docuseries, the James Beard Foundation award–winning chef David Chang focuses on a specific food (one episode is about fried rice, another about barbecue) and then bounces from country to country to taste local iterations of the same dish. After the first episode (which involves pizza: lots and lots of pizza), you’ll learn not to watch on an empty stomach.

Watch it: Netflix

Top of the Lake

Viewers will be instantly hooked by Elisabeth Moss’s performance as a detective investigating the disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old girl. The show was filmed on the South Island of New Zealand, and the titular lake provides an eerie and dramatic background for the emotionally heavy show.

Watch it: Hulu

The action of

The Night Manager

Great writing, fast-paced action, and an all-star cast (Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Colman, Hugh Laurie) make this drama unmissable. The story follows a hotel night manager recruited to infiltrate the inner circle of a corrupt businessman. The show is rumored to be the most expensive miniseries ever made by the BBC, and travel-hungry viewers will enjoy the gorgeous locations, like Majorca, Spain; Zermatt, Switzerland; and Marrakesh, Morocco. 

Watch it: Amazon Prime Video

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Chef Samin Nosrat visits culinary colleagues in Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Berkeley, California to explain how—you guessed it—salt, fat, acid, and heat are the essential elements to master when cooking any meal. Samin’s passion for food radiates through the screen, and you’ll be left hungry and inspired to test out some of her cooking tips yourself.

Watch it: Netflix


If you want to lean into the current news, Fortitude is one way to go. Set in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard (but filmed in Eastern Iceland), this drama is about a deadly virus that turns infected people into murderers. Winter-travel lovers: Get ready for sweeping icy landscapes, snow-capped mountains, and frigid, rocky beaches. 

Watch it: Amazon Prime Video

My Brilliant Friend

Although this show follows two childhood friends as they grow into women in postwar Italy, the true star is Naples, with its crowded sidewalks, lively piazzas, and ancient architecture. (In the sixth episode, viewers get to travel to the volcanic island of Ischia, to summer with the characters on beaches lapped by turquoise waters).

Watch it: HBO Now, Hulu, YouTube TV

Our Planet

The makers of Our Planet leave no corner of Earth untouched. This breathtaking nature docuseries allows you to swim with whales, swing from tree to tree with orangutans, and explore the Serengeti, all from your couch. The camerawork is remarkable: You’ll ask yourself “how did they even film that?!” at least four times per episode.

Watch it: Netflix

Big Little Lies

Oh, what we’d give to be social distancing in one of the spacious seaside mansions on this show. The frothy mix of petty neighborhood squabbles, a mysterious death, and the sweeping shots of the Pacific Ocean makes watching Big Little Lies roughly 10 times better than watching the news. And if you’re inspired to plan a trip to Monterey after watching the show (and, of course, after virus concerns are lifted), we’ve got you covered

Watch it: HBO Now, Hulu, YouTube TV

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