It’s totally free.

Forget riding the elevators or taking the stairs—there’s a new way to see the Eiffel Tower, and it’s sure to get your adrenaline flowing. 

In conjunction with the French Open tennis tournament, sparkling water company Perrier has bankrolled a zip line that whisks thrill-seeking visitors off the second story of the Paris landmark and across the Champs de Mars to a temporary platform in front of L’École Militaire.

The free zip line, dubbed “Le Perrier Smash” debuted June 5 and will be open through June 11. 

Based on details from a recent article in the Telegraph, the experience certainly is not for the faint of heart (or those with vertigo). Participants don helmets, clip in, and jump from a platform 375 feet high, traveling about a half-mile over the course of a minute. Zippers reach a speed of 55 mph, about half the speed at which a tennis ball travels after a professional’s serve. A line brake on the zip line slows participants before they reach the end. 

For those who’d rather not experience the real thing, there’s a virtual reality version of the zip, too—part of a broader “activation” that includes live looks at tennis matches, samples of Perrier sparkling water, cocktails, and more. This tented area is called “Le Perrier E-Space,” and admission is free.

Before you pop a Xanax and get the GoPro ready, it’s important to calibrate expectations: Opportunities on Le Perrier Smash are incredibly limited, with only 100 zips a day. 

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At this point, the best way to reserve a spot: Cross your fingers. Although Perrier has discontinued pre-registrations online, reports indicated company reps still were giving away a few flights daily to visitors selected at random from the E-Space. 

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